Organ donation: the cost of not giving

Issue date: 02 March 2011

A public debate
Thursday 17 March 2011, 18:30-20:00 @ Watershed, Bristol. BS1 5TX

This public event will bring together people involved in organ donation and transplantation to discuss the current situation in the UK. Should we 'nudge' people into making a choice? What is the cost of having such long waiting times for organs? You will have a chance to hear about the complexity of transplant coordination, the harrowing experience of waiting for and going through a transplant, as well as philosophical and moral issues surrounding organ donation. Speakers include an organ recipient and family members, as well as health professionals working on organ donation.

The organiser, Dr Havi Carel (UWE) says, “The public debate has focused too much on legal and moral issues like autonomy and the rights of the dead. This debate will focus on the real experience of receiving an organ and deciding to donate organs of a family member. Hearing about actual experiences will illuminate the topic from a new perspective, because it will show the urgency and real life tragedies and success stories behind the debate.”

The panel members are:
•Paul Arnold (family member)
•Gill Hollis (transplant recipient)
•Lynne Holt (Transplant Co-ordinator, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle)
•David Nix (MBE) (Chairman, Donor Family Network)
•Dr John Troyer (Deputy Director of the Centre for Death and Society, University of Bath)
•Chair: Dr Julian Baggini, editor-in-chief , The Philosopher's Magazine

The event is free of charge but booking is essential. To book a place e-mail:
The event is organised by Dr Havi Carel, Philosophy, UWE and is sponsored by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

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