Issue date: 04 December 2001

A Pedar system, which is used to assess foot pressures in children and adults with diabetes, has gone missing from the University of the West of England. Researcher Sue Barnett who works part-time at UWE and part-time at the Bristol Royal Infirmary’s Children’s Hospital uses the Pedar system to prevent or heal foot ulcers which are a by-product of diabetes. Sue said, “Often people with diabetes have poor circulation and sensation which makes their feet go numb and sometimes causes ulcers. Of the 2.4 million diabetic people in the UK at least 15% suffer from foot ulcers. The Pedar system is being used to measure foot pressure so that we can assess what benefit is brought to the patient when special insoles are used inside shoes to relieve some of the pressure on their feet.”

The Pedar system was stored inside a silver and black aluminium case, similar to those used by photographers. It was accidentally left out of the boot of a car at the Glenside Campus of UWE on 28 November and it is possible that someone may have picked it up intending to hand it to the police. It is useless to anyone other than a foot pressure specialist and important work will have to stop if the equipment is not found. It is quite possible that someone has moved the equipment without realising its importance. A reward is being offered for the safe return of the equipment and charges will not be pressed. The researchers working on this project are desperate to get this equipment back. So many people depend on it to help the misery caused by diabetes related ulcers.

If you are able to help please contact Sue Barnett on 0117 344 8507 or 07774 849244.


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