The stockmarket comes to UWE

Issue date: 16 March 2010

Reuters trading room at UWE The University of the West of England has invested in a fully functional Reuters trading room. There are only a handful of UK Universities that offer this resource.

The Reuters trading room is being made available primarily for Finance, Business and Economics students studying at UWE's Bristol Business School(BBS) giving them a head start with a practical insight into stockmarket trading.

The room includes ten computer terminals each equipped with the Reuters 3000 Xtra system and a central large flat screen monitor that streams the latest Infopoint financial market information.

Four PhD students have been especially trained to act as facilitators to help other students to learn how to use the systems.

Wessan Abouarghoub, one of the PhD student facilitators, said, “This is a fantastic resource and gives us a brilliant opportunity to get some real hands on practice with systems that we may use in our future professional lives. It's also an added bonus for people like me who can use the system for detailed analysis in research work. My personal research interest is in the shipping industry and access to the trading room means I have detailed, real-time information on costs and shares, graphs, volatility forecasts and news.

“As facilitators we will provide the training and many students will work towards a useful qualification that has industry recognition and that will give BBS students an edge when it comes to future employment opportunities.”

Dr Woon Wong from the Centre for Global Finance at Bristol Business School is managing the Reuters room. He said, “We are proud that we can offer up this new resource to students. It will help to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Students previously only had access to these systems on internships but this experience will give BBS students the edge as they will already be accomplished users. In the past we have relied on data in the FT which is well and good but having access to real time systems and the breadth of data that this system provides will give a much broader insight into the markets.”

Professor Jon Tucker, Director of the Centre of Global Finance, said, “We are delighted that we can offer students and staff such a fantastic opportunity to access this kind of technology which replicates that of a real-world trading room.

“Bristol Business School has made a significant investment by purchasing the system. As one of only a few Universities in the UK to have this system, we believe it shows UWE's commitment to advancing students' knowledge of the financial world.”

Students will be able to take an examination online from the Thomson Reuters Markets Academy, which they can use to prove to future employers that they have experience of trading room market software. There are also plans to enter students into a Reuters international portfolio management competition once they have mastered the system.

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