Law graduate Jay Wilcox launches debut single

Issue date: 11 February 2010

'Sick and Tired' by Jay Wilcox Jay Wilcox, a rising talent and law graduate from the University of the West of England, is celebrating the recent release of his début music video 'Sick and Tired', a collaboration with Bristol's Drum and Bass star, Roni Size.

Jay who graduated from the Bristol Law School in 2008, filmed the video for 'Sick and Tired' in Bristol, keeping up his university connection by inviting UWE students on Facebook to appear as extras in a nightclub scene. Described as a“quirky dnb floor filler”, the single has already been warmly received with over 3,000 video views on You Tube and soon to appear on the MTV Base music channel.

Based at home in London, Jay first caught the eye of music producers during his gap year. His introduction to the Bristol music scene came in 2006, where at an open mic night he was approached by Roni Size. Jay explains, “I used to do gigs to help support my studies whilst at University, Roni Size approached me one night and we've worked together ever since. Last year, I had the amazing opportunity to tour the world with Roni as a keyboard player in his live band Reprazent. It's been so exciting to pursue my passion for music full-time in Bristol, to have recorded my first single and to be in the studios remixing for other artists such as Lemar and N-Dubz with 'The Euphonix Production Company'."

A legal background has also helped Jay get to grips with the complexities of the music industry. Jay says, “I really enjoyed studying for my Law degree and felt at home at UWE from day one. The Law school has an excellent reputation and I particularly liked the modules in Human Rights and Criminal Law.

“It can be daunting for a new artist meeting up with record labels. It's important to understand the contractual terms of what you're signing up to, so it helped that I had a solid grounding from a module I studied in Media Law.”

Marcus Keppel-Palmer (Senior Lecturer in Law) who teaches Media Law said, “Many students in the UWE Law School are multi-faceted and it is pleasing to see that someone can combine degree studies with carving out a career in the entertainment industry. Jay now has the legal knowledge to ensure that he can look after the business side of his career as well as the performing and song writing sides. He should be very successful.”

The single 'Sick and Tired' will be released in May/June on Contour Records. Video Director: Chris Lucas. Jay Wilcox will be performing locally as part of a seven piece live band on the night of Sunday 14 February at Joe Publics nightclub in Bristol and performs regularly every Tuesday, promoting up-and-coming local artists at Plantation Caribbean Bar.

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