Imogen Heap wows UWE students with her musical inventiveness

Issue date: 11 February 2010

Imogen Heap Grammy winner Imogen Heap visited the University of the West of England today to give Music Technology students an insight into her unique style of musical engineering.

Tom Mitchell, senior lecturer on the Music Technology course at UWE recently worked with Imogen, helping her to prepare for her international tour following the release of her latest album.

Imogen won the Grammy for "Best Engineered Album, Non Classical" for her latest album "Ellipse" which she produced and engineered herself. Imogen performs at the Bristol Academy tonight but she still managed to find time in her schedule to come to UWE.

Tom Mitchell said, "We're thrilled that Imogen stopped by at UWE. Her inventiveness and technical prowess is renowned throughout the world, she is truly an inspiration. The students will benefit by gaining an insight into the techniques used by one of the most innovative musicians working today".

Imogen Heap said she was delighted to help out. "Tom and I have collaborated on a several occasions in the past. It's great to come to UWE and spend some time with the music technology students.

Imogen spent the morning with students answering questions about the composition, production and engineering of her work as well as other aspects of her interesting career.

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