New book on Child Development from UWE academic

Issue date: 04 November 2009

Child Development Theory and Practice A new higher education core text book on Child Development aimed at student teachers and professionals has been co-authored by Malcolm Hughes of the University of the West of England.

Child Development: Theory and Practice 0-11 is published by Pearson Education. It is co-authored by Malcolm Hughes (School of Education, UWE) and Jonathan Doherty, formerly Head of Early Childhood Education at Leeds Metropolitan University and Regional Advisor for National Strategies for Early Years.

The book has received praise for its blend of factual information and examples from practice presented in an accessible and readable format.

The text is written for trainees on initial teacher training courses in early childhood and primary education, for school practitioners undertaking CPD and for all those in the children's workforce: in health, social and welfare services.

Malcolm Hughes says, “We wanted to write a book that would explain the holistic nature of child development. From birth to the cusp of adolescence there are dramatic changes and many influences which affect the way children develop that need to be understood by those working with children."

"In the book we use many life examples to blend theory and practice, and to take account of recent changes and challenges in the way childhood is perceived. For example, the book addresses the ongoing controversies of child-care versus family care for young children and reviews the evidence for whether or not children today lack basic communication skills."

"We also raise challenging questions for practitioners such as 'Does brain gym work?', 'Is outdoor play devalued in primary educational practice?' and 'Can listening to music really improve children's IQ?"

"I think the book helps put UWE at the forefront of the work to provide a common core of skills and knowledge for those working in the children's services.”

Commenting on the book, Elizabeth Coates, Associate Professor, University of Warwick, says, “This comprehensive and very readable book makes the world of child development accessible to readers from undergraduates to researchers. I found the blend of factual information, examples from practice and points to reflect upon, an ideal format and will certainly be recommending it to my early childhood students.”

Editor's notes

Child Development Theory and Practice 0-11 ( 978-1-4058-2127-8) is available from High Street and online book stores and costs £ 27.99

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