UWE students help prepare the ground for a forest garden

Issue date: 29 October 2009

Eastside Roots logo Community Action Day Saturday 31 October 2009 10.30 to 16.30
Gardening Hub at Stapleton Road Station

Student volunteers from the University of the West of England will help to create a forest garden with the team at Eastside Roots at Stapleton Road Station this weekend.

A group of around 12 students will spend a day helping to clear the site in preparation for the creation of a forest garden on an area of what is currently derelict land on Saturday 31 October.

Nick Ward, Project Co-ordinator at Eastside Roots said, “Eastside Roots is a not-for profit worker's cooperative which evolved out of the Bristol Permaculture Group. The forest garden is the latest stage in our renovation of the derelict land next to Stapleton Road Station that we aim to transform into a thriving green space and community resource for the people in East Bristol.

“It's great that the students are getting involved. We've developed a good relationship with the UWE Community Volunteer Programme and it's a fantastic chance for the students to get some grassroots experience of permaculture.”

Jo Earl from UWE's Community Volunteer Programme said, “We have organised this action day to raise students' awareness of sustainability issues. They will get a great insight into growing food, permaculture, and community regeneration projects. The gardening hub at Stapleton Road is an inspiring model of skills sharing in the community, and what can be achieved by volunteers.”

The UWE volunteers will be building steps and a path to allow good access to the site and prepare for the planting of the forest garden.

The garden will replicate nature, and be based on the principles of the permaculture movement. The idea is that a forest is abundant without care or intervention from people, and the forest will incorporate plants that are beneficial to humans such as fruit trees and medicinal herbs.

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