CREATE celebrates colour research in Europe

Issue date: 20 October 2009

The CREATE project is about colour and print Colour researchers from the University of the West of England are holding the largest European CREATE training event yet. The event is focusing on colour heritage and conservation and is being held at Lake Garda, Italy.

The training course is part of the 500 million euro CREATE project funded by the European Union and co-ordinated by UWE's Centre for Fine Print Research (CFPR). CREATE (Colour Research for European Advanced Technology Employment) is an international group formed in 2007 to promote and exchange research and knowledge through a series of conferences and training courses.

Carrina Parraman of the CFPR said, “CREATE's long-term objective is to develop a cross-disciplinary approach among artists, designers, technologists and scientists to improve knowledge in many areas of colour and print.

“This event will look at recent digital techniques used for data acquisition, collection, restoration, presentation and preservation of coloured artefacts including paintings, sculpture, glass, textiles, works on paper and film.”

Among the topics being discussed are:

•Digital capture, scanning, infrared and ultraviolet methods for non-invasive capture of paintings and ancient artefacts

•Preservation of colour, inkjet, paintings, methods of light-fast testing, standards for accelerated and real-time testing; ink and paper, materials chemistry

•Film digitisation techniques and standards; digital movie and picture restoration: colour, dust, stains and scratches

•Painting, inks and surfaces chromatic and spectral characterisation; methods of restoration control and assessment

The application of digital colour is used in many commercial, industrial and academic sectors, from digital television to graphic design. One of the fastest growth areas relates to digital photography and inkjet printing, which has far-reaching implications for how images are captured, how colour is transferred from one device to another, and how it is measured, perceived, printed and archived.

The course in Italy will be attended by 65 delegates from 22 different countries, who will each receive a travel and living grant to attend. The next and final CREATE event in this programme will be a conference in Norway in June 2010, which will showcase the research activities carried out by members of the growing CREATE network over the last few years.

By the time the final conference takes place in 2010, CREATE will have trained over 390 researchers. Some have gained PhDs, started new jobs, or developed their research careers. The CREATE network has enabled them to develop links with peers and experts across Europe and has provided a forum for dialogue between different fields. The CREATE website maintains the momentum of the colour debate between events, acting as an archive of past training events, papers and images, and also gives application details for the 2010 conference in Norway.


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