UWE professor relates importance of the arts in healthcare

Issue date: 15 October 2009

Professor Norma Daykin Inaugural Lecture, Professor Norma Daykin
Room 1F11 Glenside Campus, University of the West of England, Thursday 11 October

Professor Norma Daykin will give an inaugural lecture at the University of the West of England on Thursday 22 October at the Glenside Campus. The title of her lecture is 'The Arts in Healthcare: An Agenda for Research, Policy and Practice'.

Norma Daykin is a social scientist with multidisciplinary interests. The first Professor of Arts in Health, in 2008 she was awarded the Royal Society of Public Health Award for her innovative and significant contribution to music and health research. She is co-editor, with Paul Camic and Stephen Clift of Arts and Health: an International Journal of Research, Policy and Practice'.

Norma Daykin said, “My inaugural lecture will focus on the growing awareness of the value of music, performance, visual arts, poetry and other art forms in healthcare.

“There is an emerging international community of 'arts for health' practitioners. Scholars, researchers and senior policy makers have endorsed the role of arts in enhancing healthcare environments. Harnessing the Arts in healthcare has contributed to important outcomes including clinical indicators, patient satisfaction, recovery, wellbeing and social capital.

“I will explore the role of arts in health, healing and healthcare, drawing on examples of research underpinned by sociological approaches and methods. As well as benefits of arts, some challenges and pitfalls will also be identified. These are sometimes overlooked in research but they are important to an understanding of the power and potential of arts, both in everyday life and in healthcare. From this starting point, an agenda for research, policy and practice is proposed."

Norma is also a musician who composes and performs jazz and salsa music, with commissions ranging from local community projects to the London Jazz Festival.
To attend e-mail victoria.nash@uwe.ac.uk or call 0117 32 92921


Editors notes:

Norma Daykin's first degree from Hull University in 1984 was in sociology and politics and her master's thesis examined policy issues affecting third sector health and social care organisations in the UK.

Further PhD research at Bristol University explored the occupational health awareness of young workers and she is the co-editor, with Lesley Doyal, of Health and Work, Critical Perspectives (Macmillan 1990).

Professor Daykin has undertaken extensive research and consultancy on many aspects of healthcare including patient experiences, professional issues, public health and service user participation in the development of healthcare services. She is Co-author of Improving Cancer Services Through Patient Involvement (Radcliffe Medical Press 2004).

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