Studying at UWE helped me reach potential, says Lowri

Issue date: 11 August 2009

Lowri Woosnam Studying at the University of the West of England rescued Lowri Woosnam from a boring future, according to the student who has just completed a degree in Property Development and Planning. Lowri, from Newtown in Powys, left school undecided about what she wanted to do and took a gap year. She wanted to go to university and during that year applied to do geography at UWE.

“However, I then decided that geography was not what I wanted to study so cancelled my application,” said Lowri. “But I still knew I wanted eventually to go to university.

“During my gap year the job I had been doing had become monotonous and boring, so during Clearing I started looking at what courses were available with my UCAS points.

“I found that property development and planning was what I wanted to study as it had elements of geography, but had more scope in terms of my future career.

“I found my course through the UCAS clearing list and there were full contact details of who to call next. I called UWE and spoke to the course leader who told me what was involved in the course. This discussion helped me decide that I wanted to do this course. I then spoke to the clearing staff, who advised me that I could get on the course and my application was accepted as I had already filled out the appropriate UCAS forms when I previously applied to study geography. This made the process a lot quicker and I was accepted immediately.

“I found that everyone I spoke to was helpful and informative and reassuring with their answers to my questions.

“My advice would be that if you do not get the grades and there is an alternative choice, take the opportunity. If you have questions for the staff you speak to, ask all the questions you want - no matter how trivial they may appear, the answers will be worthwhile. All my questions were answered fully and reassured me further about my choice.

“My experience of UWE has been great. My course has been extremely fulfilling as we complete modules which will be beneficial when I gain employment. We have also been on week-long field trips abroad and completed group work and presentations, which are skills that will help when working full time. These course activities have helped me to understand that you may have to work with others who you would not necessarily choose to work with. I have made some great friends and created some great memories. There is a lot to do when not completing my course such as clubs and societies.

“It has to be said that coming to UWE has improved me as a person for the better. If I had not come to UWE I would still be working in a boring job where I would not be reaching my full potential.”

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