Last minute degree decision pays off thanks to UWE Clearing

Issue date: 11 August 2009

Lisa Catling Lisa Catling's decision to go to university was a last minute one, and she had missed the usual application process through the UCAS system. However that did not stop her and she has now succeeded in completing her degree in Psychology at the University of the West of England.

According to Lisa, she found the Clearing process incredibly easy. “I literally phoned up the University, filled out the relevant administration and had my place confirmed within a few days!

“The staff were really helpful and explained to me all that I needed to do. I was then invited to come to the university to be shown around by the person that ended up being my tutor. It was a very helpful experience.”

“I got onto the exact course that I wanted to do. It's been a great experience for many reasons. I hadn't been in education for a few years so I was nervous of attending as a mature student but I didn't need to be. There were many other people in my position and being slightly older than the majority was an advantage more than a disadvantage. I'd gone through the first time leaving home and staying up all night drinking stages and was now here to make the most of the experience, which I believe I was supported to do.

“The staff have been great and are extremely willing to help, especially if you show willing to listen and learn. It's helped me realise my potential and given me the confidence to fulfil my career ambitions which are ultimately pursuing a career in clinical psychology. In the meantime I'm hoping to further the research knowledge I have gained through University in order to gain the relevant experience for further training."

Lisa's advice to anyone unsure of whether to take the same decision as her is, “Just go for it, be assertive and you'll get the place you want.”

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