New Victoria Park pavilion is raised in a day!

Issue date: 21 July 2009

The Black Cloud by Heather and Ivan Morison On Saturday 25 July, The Black Cloud, a remarkable pavilion-like structure devised by artists Heather and Ivan Morison and commissioned by award-winning Bristol-based programme Situations at the University of the West of England, (UWE, Bristol) will be raised into place in Victoria Park, Bedminster, South Bristol.

Entitled The Shape of Things to Come: Barn-raising the Black Cloud, this day will be a celebratory event involving local residents, musicians, story-tellers and puppeteers. The Black Cloud will be raised into place through a community 'barn-raising' over one day by a 20-strong crew consisting of volunteers and artists from the local area. Timber from the artists' Welsh arboretum has been used to prefabricate the large-scale sections of the structure, which will eventually stand 5m high and 17m long, taking the form of the Venezuelan shabono (a communal space built to withstand extreme heat) with a central open space in which performances and discussions can take place.

The barn-raising will begin at 08.00 in the morning, with music, den-building, food foraging, story-telling and a puppet show from 13.00 and a celebratory BBQ from 17.00.

The Black Cloud will be in place from 25 July to 6 December 2009. The structure and the accompanying four-month programme of events and discussions explore the implications of drastic climatic change for a future Bristol.

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