Issue date: 17 October 2001

Staff at the University of the West of England are holding an important event this Wednesday afternoon (17 October 2001) to discuss the events of 11 September and their aftermath. Described as a 'Teach-in on the War on Terrorism' it includes short talks by experts on US foreign policy, terrorism, war and the politics of the Afghan region.

The presentations will be followed by an open forum with Jenny Maxwell, Vice Chair of CND. Dr Kieran Kelly, a lecturer at UWE who is one of the organisers said, ''We want to give an opportunity to hear a wide range of voices and we have sent invitations to local politicians as well as the US Embassy. There is also an important campaign developing against the war, which perhaps does not get a wide hearing in the mainstream press, so we hope to hear from them as well.''

Also on show in the afternoon will be a prize winning film on the experience of those who lose their homes to Israeli settlers. There will also be a showing of a commentary on the news reporting made by noted documentary film maker Michael Chanan, who now teaches in the Faculty of Humanities.


Editor's notes

The 'Teach-in' will be held in room 2B020 on the Frenchay Campus of UWE.

We have been notified of this event at very short notice and hope to have a programme available soon. If you would like further details of the speakers and the topics please email:- or speak to Jane Kelly or Mary Price on 0117 3442208.

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