UWE helps bring Anne Frank + You to Bristol

Issue date: 30 April 2009

University of the West of England Anne Frank + You, Bristol Cathedral Monday 4 until Sunday 31 May 2009

A Historian and a Human Rights expert from the University of the West of England have been instrumental in bringing the Anne Frank + You exhibition to Bristol. Madge Dresser and Christien Van Den Anker helped bring together the steering group that landed this wonderful exhibition for the city during the year that Anne Frank would have celebrated her 80th birthday. UWE is also one of the main sponsors for the exhibition donating a total of £2,500 towards costs.

Madge Dresser said, “The 'Anne Frank and You ' exhibition is perhaps the most innovative of the three Anne Frank exhibitions that have come to Bristol over the past 20 years because it relates Anne Frank's story to issues that today's young people confront in their everyday life.

“Anne's diary is one of the few records we have of an adolescent's inner life at this historic moment and her story becomes ever more important as fewer and fewer Holocaust survivors are here to testify about their experience and the very existence of the Holocaust itself is being questioned.

“Just how universal and contemporary her story was driven home to me recently when the parents of a Somali refugee family in Bristol told me how profoundly their children had been moved by Anne's story.”

“The idea to bring the ' Anne Frank + You' exhibition to Bristol was strongly promoted by UWE's former chaplain Cassandra Howe. The steering Committee is a multi-faith group comprised of Christians, Muslims, Jews and people of no faith who felt Bristol should host this national travelling exhibition.”

Human Rights expert, Christien van den Anker said, “I'm really impressed with the steering group in Bristol for having not only set up the exhibition but a wide range of linked activities which emphasise the relevance today of both anti-Jewish oppression and other current oppressions, especially of Muslims, Roma and travellers, and LGBTQ people.

“I'm glad to be involved in this example of human rights work as the UWE human rights unit has as a goal to make our research and teaching relevant to engagement with global issues on a local level. Personally, I am moved by Anne Frank's story also because my mum and dad lived in the same part of Amsterdam during the war as Anne Frank. Rather than talking of the fears of bombing, occupation or hunger they always emphasised their upset at being separated from their Jewish school friends.”

Anne Frank + You will take place at Bristol Cathedral from Monday 4 until Sunday 31 May 2009. The exhibition includes a life size replica of Anne Frank's bedroom in Amsterdam where she spent more than two years before being betrayed to the Nazis in 1944. The exhibition also features an interactive tour of the Secret Annex, pictures and replica artefacts from Anne's life, a chilling 'genocide tunnel' and powerful graphic imagery of social issues.

The exhibition will be launched by Doreen Lawrence, the mother of the murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence shortly after the 16th anniversary of her son's death. The exhibition has challenged prejudice and racism across the country.

For more information contact: anne.frank@bristol-cathedral.co.uk

Details about the exhibition which has toured all over the country can be found at


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