Issue date: 28 September 2001

Photo opportunity ‘the bra finale’
Tuesday 2 October 3.30pm
Drawing Centre at Faculty of Art, Media and Design, Bower Ashton

Fashion/Textile and Fine Arts students from the University of the West of England are to help raise awareness of breast cancer. The Cancer Research Campaign (CRC) has persuaded Playtex to donate 200 Wonderbras which will be customised by first year students during their induction week at university. The most eye-catching designs will be displayed in CRC shop windows during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.

The first year project will start on Wednesday 26 September at 2pm at the Faculty of Art, Media and Design at Bower Ashton. The resulting designs will be shown in a bra finale on Tuesday 2 October at 3.30pm in the Drawing Centre at Bower Ashton.

Gill Sandford, Director of Academic Programmes, Faculty of Art, Media and Design said, “We are pleased to help The Cancer Research Campaign with this project. It will be a fun way to start the new term and good for the students to gain some experience of responding to a client brief. Projects investigating more serious messages to do with breast cancer and with a more ‘arty’ approach are planned in the second half of this year. The outcome will be displayed as part of next year’s breast cancer awareness week in a gallery setting.”

Claudia McVie, Regional Director of The Cancer Research Campaign in Wales and the South West, said: “The UK still has one of the highest rates of breast cancer in the world and so it is vital that we make sure that everyone is aware of the warning signs and what to look out for.

“The students’ bra project is a fun way to get this very serious message across to women and we are delighted that the University has entered into the spirit of it so enthusiastically. We can’t wait to see the results!”

The Cancer Research Campaign spends more than £7 million a year on around 140 breast cancer research projects throughout the UK.


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