UWE students present Music by CMT at Colston Hall Bar

Issue date: 17 February 2009

Creative Music Technology at UWE Tuesday 24 February 2009 19:30

Creative Music Technology students from the University of the West of England have formed a promotion company called BAD CD's who will put on a show, Music by CMT, at the Colston Hall Bar on Tuesday 24 February at 19.30.

The students are putting into practice what they have learned by staging an event from scratch and this includes everything from choosing performers and the venue to arranging publicity.

Music by CMT starts with the first year students, who have to compose and perform their own material as part of their course. Next on will be 'The Wildbloods' , the second year students, whose music combines a range of influence under one musical gazebo, including ambient, blues, jazz, metal and punk rock, all crammed into a half hour set

The concert features a renowned headlining act, RSVP renowned for their fusion of traditional Bhangra lyrics and beats, funky bass and drums, East European Gypsy guitar and Punk Rock featuring a top flight string section and exotic instruments including dhols, dholak, and tabla.

The students said, β€œIt's been a good experience and a steep learning curve. There's so much to think about – from the business plan and marketing, making sure everyone and everything is there on time, to using our audio equipment with unorthodox instruments – we've never had to mic up a contrabass recorder before!”

For further ticket information, please contact the Press Office.


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