Issue date: 08 August 2001

Richard Hogg is studying International Politics in the Faculty of Economics and Social Science at UWE. He scored three average A level grades which meant that he was refused a place at his first choice at university. “ I was so disappointed,” he said “I’d got 3 D’s which was way below my capabilities. Everyone opening their results was either elated or crying. I went home feeling worried and annoyed. I called my first choice on the off chance that there might have been a space for me but they practically laughed at me. I rang my local university in Reading where I knew some of the teaching staff but things didn’t look very hopeful. I sat down with my copy of the Which Way supplement and one advert stood out. It was for UWE. I rushed back to the student resources centre at school and got out the prospectus. I was impressed to find out that John Sloman, who writes many of the textbooks for A-level Economics, worked in the Economics and Social Science Department at the university.

“I called the admissions department and was put through to the social sciences department who were very helpful. They asked me what I wanted to do and I said I was interested in the degree in international politics. They told me about the modules and ran through some of the finer details of the course work. I was delighted to be offered a place. But there were a number of other things which impressed me about the way I was treated by the staff at UWE. I explained that my low A level grades were down to my then recently diagnosed dyslexia and were well below my predicted grades. I was encouraged to go for a test at UWE’s learning and resources centre for people have disabilities to assess the extent of my dyslexia. The upside is that I am now allowed to take my exams using a computer which means my terrible spelling and illegible writing do not jeopardise my otherwise sound grasp of my chosen subject.

“I’m very happy at UWE – I have just been selected to become an ERASMUS student for my final year at university in Helsinki. The staff here at UWE have supported me superbly in my learning and have my thanks and respect. I really feel that I have fallen on my feet here!

“My advice to anyone faced with having to apply for university through the Clearing system is:

“Don’t panic, you are NOT alone.
“Check your previous offers to see if you can still get in, you never know!
“Get prospectuses as soon as you can.
“Never forget, universities want you, it’s just a happy coincidence that you want them too!

“Good Luck”


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