New UWE research centre tackles leadership & ethics issues

Issue date: 28 January 2009

A maze Bristol Business School (a Faculty of the University of the West of England) is launching a new initiative which will address some of the stark ethical and leadership issues highlighted by the current crisis in the financial markets.

The new Bristol Centre for Leadership and Organisational Ethics (BCLOE) will work with practitioners and policy makers at all levels of businesses and organisations to address problems in the areas of leadership and ethics, in order to help them bring about positive organisational change. BCLOE directly addresses the behaviour of those in charge of organisations.

The new Centre, headed up by Professor Peter Case, will be launched on Thursday 5 February 2009 with a talk from Professor Hugo Letiche of the University for Humanist Studies, the Netherlands.

Professor Peter Case says, “It would be hard to imagine a more timely moment to launch a new Centre with the explicit aim of engaging with leadership and organisational ethics. The crisis in the financial markets fuelled by corporate greed and collective mistrust, suggests the need for rigorous new thinking in this area. Coupled with a legacy of misconduct that has led to the demise of several large and seemingly reputable businesses – such as Barings, BCCI, Enron and WorldCom – we've been given a stern reminder of just how much the contemporary world needs virtuous leaders and ethically sound organisational processes.”

“Informed by leading edge thinking from multi-disciplinary backgrounds, members of BCLOE will offer consultancy and training as well as research which links theory to practice. Working closely with businesses and organisations the Centre will aim to improve leadership processes and ethical practice at a local, national and international level.”

A key area for the team will be developing the coaching and mentoring skills of leaders and managers –extremely important at a time of flux and uncertainty in many businesses and organisations. A new two year part-time postgraduate course – MSc in Coaching and Mentoring (subject to validation) will be aimed at developing these skills in leaders and managers.

The team has also been commissioned to conduct applied research projects into the latest equality legislation as it works its way through local government, covering issues of gender and race amongst others. BCLOE is also running a seminar programme that includes both internal and external speakers of national and international significance.


Editor's notes

The Bristol Centre for Leadership and Organizational Ethics (BCLOE) will be launched on Thursday 5 February 2009 in conjunction with the Distinguished Professorial Address Series. Professor Hugo Letiche, Research Professor and Humanitas/ ISCE Chair of the University for Humanist Studies, The Netherlands will speak at the event on the topic: 'Pollute to Seize: Complexity and Organizational Ethics'.

Launch details: The Street Café, S Block, Frenchay Campus, Coldharbour Lane, Bristol. 18:00, Thursday 5 February. For further details about BCLOE and the launch see:

Journalists are welcome to attend the launch event. Please contact the Press Office if you are interested in attending.

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