UWE builds bridges with local colleges

Issue date: 20 January 2009

University of the West of England Bridge Building Day - Frenchay Campus UWE Thursday 22 January

Local students from Sixth Form Centres and Further Education Colleges in Bristol and South Gloucestershire have been invited to the University of the West of England on Thursday 22 January to quite literally build bridges connecting their school life with their future.

A special Bridge Building Day will showcase the fantastic range of business course opportunities and give the students the chance to develop skills in project management, budgeting and cost effectiveness.

UWE's Partnerships Officer, Susan Welsh explains, “One of the highlights of the day will be a challenge, with prizes, to build a spaghetti bridge that will most cost-effectively support a load. The students will form project teams determining roles and responsibilities themselves.

“Each team will have a limited amount of time in which to design their bridge before construction commences. It will be necessary to consider not just the way in which the bridge can be constructed in order to support the largest weight but also consider which design is likely to be the most cost-effective.”

The Building Bridges Day has been organised to encourage students who have no family experience of HE to think about studying for a degree at UWE.

Susan Welsh, UWE's Partnership Officer, said, “We plan to make this a really special and useful day for the students. We are keen to broaden access to local schools and colleges by offering up special days where we invite students in to look at focused subject areas. More days are being planned for different subject areas throughout the year.”

In addition to the main event, students will have an opportunity to meet with academics who are experts in their subject areas, to meet with current students who will give valuable insight into what it's like to study at UWE and there will be a tour of the impressive campus.


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