Issue date: 26 June 2001

Watershed, Thursday 28 June 17.30 – 22.00

Students from the University of the West of England will showcase their work in Communications Media at a special event to be held at the Watershed on 28 June.

The students are studying Time Based Media, Graphic Design or Illustration in the Faculty of Art Media and Design at UWE’s Bower Ashton Campus.

The Show is an opportunity for them to showcase their work which comes under the ‘Communications Media’ umbrella. Over 200 people from the media industry are expected to attend the event which will showcase multimedia, sound and print as well as moving image work.

Held for the first time last year, the Communications Media show was so successful that the number of sponsors has grown from four to ten. It is an ideal opportunity for media companies to see the diversity of work produced by the students, who in turn use the opportunity to network with media companies.

This year a range of awards will be presented to the best student work in the following categories: Drama, Documentary, Animation, Moving Image, Graphics, Multimedia, New Media, Print, Sound, and a prize for ‘Significant Contribution’.

Abigail Davies, Executive Producer – Drama and Documentary, at HTV, will talk about the achievements of the students and introduce the sponsors. A representative of each sponsor will present a cheque and a trophy to the winners.

Last year HTV selected three films to show on TV and 3 films were also chosen for the international short film festival, Brief Encounters.

Amongst this year’s work is that of Ben Morcom-Harneis, Director/Producer of The Yellow Van. Ben is a 30 year-old student on the Time Based Media course. He specialised in documentaries and in his second year produced and directed ‘Cowboys among the Lunatics’, the story of an amateur football team's tour of Mexico which raised awareness of the situation of the peasant 'Zapatista' movement. Speaking about The Yellow Van Ben says, "By using subjects who I have a personal connection with, I feel ethically comfortable as a film-maker. I treat these people in the same way as I would other people in my life, with respect, and I believe the warmth I felt towards them comes across in the film."

Anna Simmons is the Director/Producer of Jealousy, a 1960's-style drawn animation. She says, "The idea was to adapt the style of those girls' magazines like 'Boyfriend', which were cheaply printed and used hand-tinted photographs. Billy Fury was featured in one of those magazines and I selected one of his songs for the soundtrack. 'Jealousy' also had a great tango rhythm. The approach gradually developed through playing with imagery in my sketchbook and doing flick books of people dancing. I wanted to try something new on this piece, so it's partly scanned and animated on computer and partly stop-frame animation. I'm pleased with the result."

Ben Barrett, James Fenton, Louise Morgan and James Smith-Rewse collaborated on Coma, a CD-ROM production. This is an interactive piece incorporating sound and video, and recreates the perceptions of someone who has lost consciousness but experiences glimpses of memories and fragments of their surroundings. It's an example of how a team of students can successfully work together to produce a highly creative piece of work which achieves an emotional and experiential response from the viewer, a rare characteristic in CD-Rom.


Editors notes:

This year’s sponsors are Avid, Panasonic, Aardman, the Alternative Media Co, 4:2:2,, Hammerhead, Macmillan, Vinten and GWR.

Prize-winners embargo until 8 pm, Thursday 28 June.

This year the prize-winners are: New Media Award - Filament website, by Michael Hawkins

Avid Drama Award – ‘Many Happy Returns’, Director: Dean Ferris, Writer: Matt Purgaus

Panasonic Documentary Award – ‘The Yellow Van’, Director/Producer: Ben Morcom-Harneis

Aardman Animation Award – ‘Jealousy’ by Anna Simmons

The Alternative Media Co. Moving Image Graphics Award – ‘Spectrum’ by Demetrios Rousos

4:2:2 Multimedia Award – ‘Coma’, by Ben Barrett, James Fenton, Louise Morgan and James Smith-Rewse

GWR Digital Personal Achievement Award - Caroline Gill, Certificate in Digital Sound Production

GWR Group Sound Production Award – ‘When Harry Met Carry’ by Richard Preen

Hammerhead Print Award - Kate Tanner

Vinten Significant Contribution Award - Dean Ferris, Yan Walton and Alec Jackson.

Photo images available after the event, contact Press Office to request.

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