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  • Meet the leaders of industry at UWE


    Robert Walker, Chairman, Travis Perkins plc, will share his expertise on competitive dynamics at the first talk in the Spring Distinguished Executive Address Series on Wednesday 9 March 2011, 18:00 –20:30 at the University of the West of England's Frenchay Campus.

  • UWE & Bristol Law Society announce trainee solicitor scheme


    A new student placement scheme for trainee solicitors at local law firms has been launched by the Bristol Institute of Legal Practice (BILP) at the University of the West of England and the Bristol Law Society (BLS).

  • UWE Ventures incubator wins national seal of approval


    Support for the creation of new enterprises at the University of the West of England (UWE) has been given a double endorsement by UKBI, the leading professional body on the development and support of business incubation environments. UWE is the first University in the South West to receive this honour.

  • iNets South West launched at UWE


    Over the next three years five iNets or 'innovation networks' will have a significant impact on the South West region by making links that foster creativity and knowledge exchange supported by funding that will act as a springboard for innovative new products and services.

  • UWE hosts Association of University Administrators S/West


    The University of the West of England will host the South West Regional Conference of the Association of University Administrators (AUA) on Tuesday 25 January 2011 at the Exhibition and Conference Centre on Frenchay Campus.

  • UWE offers support to teachers of bilingual children


    Experts from the University of the West of England are offering a free training day for teachers who work with bilingual children some of whom may have speech, language and communication difficulties.

  • UWE boosts career prospects by repeating internship scheme


    The University of the West of England is launching a new round of Graduate Internships during 2011 following the success of the previous scheme. The new programme is open to any business that can offer a quality project or work experience opportunity that will enhance the employment prospects for 2010 UWE graduates by helping them to develop skills, knowledge and confidence.

  • UWE offers unique Masters by Research degree in Bio-sensing


    The University of the West of England has just announced a ground-breaking Masters by Research degree in Bio-Sensing Technology. It is being aimed at new graduates, research scientists or scientists from commercial companies who wish to expand their expertise or solve practical issues related to development of these novel technologies.

  • Are slums the new tourist hot spots?


    'Destination Slum', 9-11 December 2010 University of the West of England Are slums the new tourist hotspots? How ethical are the businesses drawn up to cater for tourists' desires to visit poor neighborhoods? Do travel companies give something back to the communities? How do the communities living in slums feel about their more affluent visitors? These are just some of the questions that will be asked at an international conference at the University of the West of England on 9 – 11 December.

  • Pest control idea wins Universities SW awards


    Bright ideas based on agriculture swept the board at this year's Universities South West Enterprise Awards (USWEA) in both the student and staff/alumni categories. Winner of the Best Student Business plan was Charlie Hancock of the Royal Agricultural College (RAC) with Vermtek which provides scientifically-based, cost-effective solutions to pest problems. The idea offers a proactive approach to prevention, as well as estate maintenance and other outdoor services. Winner of the Best Staff / Alumni Business plan was Cotswold Gold Ltd, an idea from Charlie Beldam and Lawrence Millett-Satow also of the RAC for a high quality rapeseed oil for culinary use produced using 'zero waste' principles.

  • Dyson CEO launches UWE's new research centre - CENTIENT


    Distinguished Address Series, Bristol Business School, 29 November 2010 18:00-20:30 To celebrate the launch of a new research group at the University of the West of England Martin McCourt, CEO of Dyson, will deliver an address at the Frenchay Campus on Monday 29 November. The Centre of Enterprise, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CENTIENT) will be based at UWE's Bristol Business School.

  • Cycling is all about 'me time'and a return to childhood


    A ground breaking study into the image of cycling in Britain by a research team from the University of the West of England has revealed that people who regularly make small trips by bike are primarily motivated to get on their bikes by the sense of freedom, the opportunity for a bit of 'me time' and feelings that bring about memories of childhood.

  • UWE welcomes Chinese delegation


    The University of the West of England will welcome a 25 person delegation from China on 24 November [2010] on a fact finding mission to find out about the UK's expertise on 'Environment and Healthy Lifestyle'.

  • UWE awards honorary degree to Peaches Golding OBE


    The University of the West of England will award the Honorary Degree of Master of Business Administration to Peaches Golding OBE in recognition of her significant role in supporting Business in the Community in the South West and her role as former governor of the University.

  • £7.5 million won by UWE to create growth in SW


    The University of the West of England will lead three out of five iNets granted to the South West region. An investment of £13 million including European Regional Development Funds (ERDF) will create opportunities for businesses and researchers in the South West to develop networks to support job creation and product development. The iNets will run for three years from 2010 – 2013.

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