• UWE Bristol student conservationists progress to finals of the Quarry Life Award - 16/04/2014

    A team of student conservationists from UWE Bristol were judged as one of the top five UK entries in reaching the finals of the Quarry Life Award, a prestigious international competition.

  • Key milestone reached in largest ever study of UK family names - 08/04/2014

    The largest ever study of UK family surnames, the AHRC funded 'Family Names of the United Kingdom Project', carried out by a team at UWE Bristol, has reached a key milestone with the completion of the first phase of the database with 45,000 surnames researched and explained. The full dictionary of surnames is due to be published by Oxford University Press in 2016.

  • Expert reaction to high levels of air pollution in England today - 02/04/2014

    UWE Bristol expert Jo Barnes is available to comment on the high levels of air pollution currently spreading across England, Jo is a Research Fellow in the Air Quality Management Resource Centre, at the University of the West of England.

  • Research conference prepares UWE Bristol Business students for workplace - 28/03/2014

    1 April 2014, 16:00-18:00, UWE ECC

    Year One Business students from UWE Bristol will showcase their research to the business community at a student conference, as part of a research module dedicated to developing the skills needed by employers.

  • Stool samples provide marker for bowel disease - 28/03/2014

    A novel method for distinguishing different types of bowel disease using the stool samples of patients has been created by a group of researchers from UWE Bristol, Bristol Royal Infirmary and the University of Liverpool.

  • Ethics of routine treatment to pregnant women questioned - 27/03/2014

    Routine treatment given to pregnant women who have a RhD negative blood group is being questioned on ethical grounds in a recent report published in Biomedical Central.

    A group of researchers from the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol), the Monash University in Melbourne, Australia and University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust are calling for an ethical review in light of developments that enable clinicians to detect the blood group of the foetus which may be the same as that of the mother.

  • BBC News at Six broadcasts from Bristol Robotics Lab - 12/03/2014

    The BBC News at Six will be broadcast from the Bristol Robotics Lab (BRL), the largest multi-disciplinary Lab in the UK, tonight, Wednesday 12 March at 18:00.

    This BRL feature is the third of a three part series of pre-budget features - fronted by BBC News at Six anchor, George Alagiah and Chief Economics Correspondent Hugh Pym.

  • UWE Bristol and local libraries team up to offer wider access - 05/03/2014

    UWE Bristol and South Gloucestershire libraries have teamed up to make it even easier for the public and students to access library services.

  • UWE Bristol Law academic cited in the Supreme Court - 26/02/2014

    The Supreme Court handed down a judgment in the case of Lawrence v Coventry this morning, concerning common law environmental protection and, in particular, the common law of nuisance. The judgment contains a favourable citation of a recent book by Law Department scholar Dr Ben Pontin, called Nuisance Law and Environmental Protection (Lawtext Publishing Ltd, Oxford, 2013).

  • UWE Bristol and ETE Teachers invite schools to explore impact of South West Storms - 19/02/2014

    The UK is currently experiencing its wettest winter on record, with strong winds also battering the country. The South West of England has been worst affected by the storms and persistent rain, with the MET Office reporting that the South of England has experienced one of the most exceptional periods of winter rainfall in at least 248 years. This unusual rainfall combined with strong winds of around 60-80mph, and high spring tides have resulted in high water levels and huge waves causing coastal flooding and damage to the coastline.

    UWE Bristol and Education Through Expeditions (ETE) are inviting schools from across the South West and the UK to join in with an online discussion and debate about the recent storms, and to evaluate their environmental and economic impact.

  • Cow and gait: 3D monitoring of animal health could reduce stock losses - 06/02/2014

    A new link-up between UWE Bristol and independent dairy specialists Kingshay will use the latest 3D imaging technology to monitor cow health in a stress-free and unobtrusive way.

  • How do you make a computer with slime mould? - 23/01/2014

    A unique event, bringing together the research of Andy Adamatzky, (Professor of Unconventional Computing, UWE Bristol) with artist Theresa Schubert, takes place on 24 January at the Art Laboratory, Berlin.

  • From pond to cup - UWE Bristol project resolves global clean water crisis - 16/01/2014

    flickr photo gallery

    Researchers at UWE Bristol have developed a portable and mobile water treatment system capable of delivering clean drinking water at source. The system has been developed for use in remote or undeveloped areas of the world to provide clean water for disaster relief and humanitarian emergencies. Such technology could help transform the lives of people who currently have no access to clean drinking water.

  • Study calls for better support for fathers of children with cleft lip or palate - 09/12/2013

    Research psychologist Nicola Stock says fathers need better support to enable them to deal with the challenges of having a child born with a cleft lip or palate. Her research shows that appropriate support is not yet available to fathers even though they play a key role in their child's development and family well-being.

    Nicola, whose paper on the experiences of fathers of children with cleft has just been published in the Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal, is from UWE Bristol's Centre for Appearance Research.

  • New research shows 'hung-over driving' as dangerous as driving under influence - 09/12/2013

    A hangover following a night of heavy drinking can impair driving performance as much as driving under the influence of alcohol, according to new research by Associate Professor Chris Alford of the University of the West of England and Assistant Professor Joris Verster of Utrecht University.

    The complementary studies were presented at the Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs (APSAD) 2013 Conference. They recommend that drivers should be warned that the effects of heavy drinking last longer than a measurable blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and that hangover immunity is largely a myth.

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