Competition seeks talented animators

Issue date: 07 September 2006

Animation Are you a budding animator who would like to hone your skills in Storyboarding? Could you create an advertising storyboard to appeal to the world animation market? If you think you can answer yes to these questions you should consider entering the Animation Storyboarding Competition 2007.

The University of the West of England's Bristol School of Animation has joined forces with Aardmann Animations Ltd and MEDIA for the Animation Storyboarding Competition 2007 that will give one talented animator designate the chance to perfect and develop their skills. This collaboration is part of a larger strategic alliance between UWE and Aardman Animations Ltd which will see the two organisations working closer together to promote educational opportunity and attract talent in animation to study at Bristol School of Animation.

The first prize is a free place to study either 2D drawn, 3D puppet or 3D CGI (Maya) animation on Bristol School of Animation's prestigious 'Three Month Animation Professional Training Course' (25 June – 7 September 2007). This prize also includes the payment of accommodation costs for the duration of the eleven-week period. There will also be runners-up prizes on offer.

Organiser Amanda Wood from UWE's Bristol School of Animation, said, “The animation industry is always looking for new talent, hoping against hope to find those individuals who will bring new voices and new ideas into this rapidly expanding field of work. The storyboard competition is open to anyone and everyone and provides a genuine opportunity for talented individuals to get their work seen by representatives from leading animation studios. The top 50 entries will be featured in exhibition at some point during 2007”

Competition entrants need to produce an original and creative storyboard for a TV or film advertisement which could be used to promote the European animation industry to a worldwide market at international film fairs and business conferences. The aim of the advertisement is to increase international circulation of European animation, for film, television and new media industries, emphasising the cultural diversity that Europe has to offer. The competition judges will be looking for skills in the development and communication of a strong concept likely to influence international businesses. A storyboard visually conveys the plot and action of a scene, or shot, or whole film/commercial.

The 'Three Month Animation Course' offers would be animators the chance to gain or enhance their understanding of the core skills and techniques involved in the production of successful character animation. The course also includes training in life drawing and support from local professional animation studios, including Aardman Animations Ltd.

Competition Entry Guidelines
• The deadline for all competition entries is 9 March 2007.
• The competition is open to all UK and EU/EEA residents over 18 years of age.
• Storyboards can be in colour or monochrome. No more than 20 frames in length.
• Storyboards must be completed within the specified format using the template provided (you can make as many copies of the template as you like).
• Please keep copies of your entries as they cannot be returned.
• The judge's decision is final.
• Application forms and storyboard templates can be downloaded from the Bristol School of Animation pages on the website
Tel: +44 (0) 117 328 4810
Address: Storyboarding Competition, Bristol School of Animation,
University of the West of England, Bower Ashton Campus,
Kennel Lodge Road, Bristol, BS3 2JT, UK


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