Look after yourself during the summer

Issue date: 29 June 2017

The summer holidays can be a time to relax after exams but for many students, it can be difficult to adjust to the change of pace and environment. Follow our tips to look after your wellbeing and safety this summer.

Keep a routine

Without the structure of University, daily routines can slip which can have an impact on your wellbeing. Try to stick to regular, healthy sleeping and eating patterns and schedule in things to do and look forward to.

Spend your time wisely

Some days off are great, but prolonged periods of being unproductive can leave us feeling negative about ourselves. Consider getting a job or doing some volunteering which not only gives back to the community, but gives a sense of purpose.

See friends and family

The summer holidays can feel isolating after spending term time with housemates and peers. Try to ensure you plan ahead to keep in touch with people over the summer and spend time with friends and family as often as you can.

Do things you enjoy

With the pressure of exams over, make time to do things you enjoy to keep you occupied and interested.

  • Listen to music that makes you happy
  • Be creative - draw, scrapbook, write, knit, dance, play an instrument
  • Watch your favourite TV show or film
  • Meditate or try mindfulness

Make time for physical activity

Research shows the positive impact of exercise on our wellbeing and the summer is a great time to get involved. This could be outdoors by going for a walk, run or bike ride or try joining a class or sports team.

Seek support

If you're finding the holidays difficult, please remember that the University Wellbeing Service is open throughout the summer, Monday-Friday 08:30-16:30 (16:00 on Fridays).

You can access support by filling in the online registration form or by phoning 0117 32 86268 for urgent concerns. There's also a range of self-help resources about various topics commonly discussed in counselling, mental health and specialist mentoring support.

If you need to speak to someone outside of the University's opening hours, please contact the Samaritans for free, confidential support 24/7 on 116 123.

Stay safe

In light of recent terror-related incidents, when you're out and about make sure you're alert, but not alarmed. In conjunction with recent attacks both home and abroad, there have also recently been threats against the Jewish communities in the UK. Avon and Somerset Police have reiterated that they are here to support all faith communities.

Terrorists want to create discord, distrust and fear. Threats like these often lead to an increase in community tensions and we must not let them win. Islamaphobia, anti-semitism, and any other hate incident will not be tolerated at UWE Bristol. If you witness anything you are encouraged in the strongest possible terms to report it. We aspire to be a truly inclusive university where everyone thrives and there is mutual respect, and we would want to take action whenever such reports are made. You can report an incident online.

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