UWE Bristol students and staff to benefit from signing of agreement with Santander

Issue date: 26 November 2013

Scholarships, travel bursaries, enterprise prizes and internships are among the benefits that UWE Bristol will receive as part of the partnership agreement with Santander Universities Global Division which will be signed this week. The three year agreement, which amounts to £40,000 per year for a three year period with an additional £15,000 to support internships in the first year, will focus on international exchange, entrepreneurial activities and the mobility of students and researchers within universities that already partner with Santander. The partnership will also enable UWE to develop and strengthen collaborative links internationally as well as create new opportunities for our staff and students.

The funding will enable current students in receipt of a bursary to progress to Postgraduate study as well as offering travel bursaries for PhD students to visit overseas universities which are partners of the Santander Universities.

The support will also encourage UWE Bristol students to improve their entrepreneurial skills with awards at two annual 'pitching' events as well as facilitating interaction between entrepreneurs and representatives from the business community.

There will be an official signing of the agreement with Professor Steve West, UWE Vice-Chancellor and Luis Juste, Director Santander Universities, plus other representatives from Santander and UWE, on Tuesday 26 November at 14:00.

Professor Steve West said, “We are delighted to work with Santander Universities and we are keen to ensure that we use this generous fund to present our students with a raft of life enhancing experiences. This valuable and generous partnership will enable a significant number of UWE students to further their employability opportunities, to travel, to develop enterprise skills and enable those from poorer backgrounds to realise ambitions to study at postgraduate level.”

Luis Juste said: “We are delighted to welcome UWE as a new partner of Santander Universities. UWE embodies all the values that Santander Universities stands for. The University is a world class research centre and is particularly keen in increasing its international links with universities in other countries. I have no doubt this partnership will be very beneficial to UWE and the whole university community.”

Emma Sambrook, Director of Development and Alumni Relations at UWE, said, “We find organisations or individuals who want to support education through UWE. Santander Universities look to support universities around the world with the outcome that there will be a well trained workforce and with the rationale that this is the right thing to do for Society. They obviously thought that UWE Bristol is a great university and we are delighted to partner with them.”

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