Issue date: 25 September 2002

A Professor of Education at the University of the West of England is carrying out research into the experiences of pupils who attended schools in Bristol which were ‘bi-lateral’. That is they carried both modern and grammar streams in the same establishment. Ten schools* in Bristol between 1956 and 1964 were structured in this way following the introduction of the 11+ whilst most other local education authorities created separate grammar and secondary modern schools.

Professor Jacky Brine is seeking to interview ex-pupils from the ten schools. “The aim of the research is to explore personal experiences of the bi-lateral schools, either modern or grammar. I am interested in this in two ways. First, the school experience itself, and second, to explore the ways that these experiences might have affected any further learning, especially that related to employment, sense of personal fulfilment or involvement in the wider community or society – any post-school learning, whether it has led to qualifications or not.”

Jacky’s own experience of learning has followed an unusual pattern. After leaving a Bristol bi-lateral school at 16 with no GCSEs she studied A Levels at Filton College and became a mature student at Bristol Polytechnic. She taught adult education in Nottingham followed by several years lecturing at Sheffield University before returning as a professor to UWE in 1999.

Jacky says her research is motivated both by current trends in education as well as her own personal experience, “Selective schooling is once again appearing on the agenda for secondary education and this research may further our understanding of the effect on individuals, both in school and beyond.”

Jacky says she would like to contact anyone – modern or grammar pupil, who went to one of the ten secondary schools which included both modern and grammar streams between 1956 and 1964.

*The ten schools were:

Ashton Park
Bedminster Down
Lawrence Weston
Monk's Park

If anyone interested in helping Jacky she can be contacted on or by leaving contact details with Julia Hicken 0117 344 4250.


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