Issue date: 03 May 2002

UWE Open Evening
Postgraduate, professional and research opportunities
Tuesday 7 May 2002 6.30 –9.00pm

The University of the West of England will once again throw open its doors on 7 May 2001 to welcome graduates to explore the potential to study for a second degree, research qualification or professional diploma. A professional Diploma or Masters degree can give a distinct advantage in the career stakes and is frequently an essential requisite. UWE offers a range of opportunities across 11 Faculties. Popular postgraduate programmes include the Postgraduate Diploma in Education, PG Dip in Legal Practice and the Bristol Business School MBA.

UWE has seen the number of people applying to do postgraduate study almost double in the last two years with a 65% increase this year. With 1 in 3 twenty year olds now holding a degree many young people are looking to further study to give them the edge in employment.

Academics will be on-hand to answer enquiries and visitors will be able to view the buildings and learning resources.

Case study 1
Susie Barron, MSc Health Psychology

Susie’s first degree was in Psychology, Sociology and Social Anthropology. She took a year out to go travelling between graduating and embarking on a MSc in Health Psychology. Her work on a pain management programme led her to decide to study Health Psychology. She said. “The MSc has stretched me to my academic limits and I am now at quite an intense stage in the programme. The theoretical nature of the MSc has confirmed my need to gain more practical hands on experience. I am keen to do some one to one work and it is likely that I will need to do some careful thinking about the next stage when I complete this course. There are a number of routes I could take including continued research but I now feel ready to put the theory into practice.”

Susie was attracted to UWE because the course had good credentials and course information was clearly presented. “The course modules are very interesting and have covered a range of topics that will be supportive to future practice. The tutors are friendly, approachable and supportive. I was terrified of statistics before the course, but the Stats lecturers are very friendly and are willing to repeat areas to support students. I feel this course has expanded my knowledge. I can now choose to complete a clinical doctorate or there are a range of research and health promotion careers that I can apply to do.”

Case Study 2
Warwick Pugh age 45, MSc Construction Project Management – graduated 2002

Warwick Pugh can’t get enough of his local university. He now works with Wessex Water. He will graduate this November with the MSc in Construction Management. He said, “I always had a bit of a chip on my shoulder that I didn’t possess a degree. Obtaining a MSc has removed that chip.”

Warwick has spent most of his working career in Construction and had gained two previous qualifications with the former Bristol Polytechnic, an HNC in Civil Engineering and a Diploma in Management Studies. He said, “ On starting the course I was actively engaged in Construction Project Management so the course was very relevant to my work. I was particularly impressed that the course could be offered in modular form and I found the content very tailored to my own work requirements. I am sure that the degree has helped me further my career. I have recently been promoted to ‘ Construction Change Manager’ and I don’t think that I would have gained the promotion without the new qualification. I think I have gained a lot from the course as it has help to increase my confidence and my overall understanding of Project management and its component parts.”

Case study 3
Sarah Hill, PGCE – Geography

Sarah’s first degree was in Environmental Quality and Resource Management at UWE. She graduated in 1996 and then spent time working before travelling for a year around Australia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. When Sarah returned to Bristol she was ready for a new challenge. She says friends played a key role in encouraging her to consider teaching, “Lots of my friends had completed the PGCE and were enjoying teaching as a career. I spent time talking with them and finding out more about the job and the course. I knew UWE from my years here as an undergraduate and I was aware that the Faculty of Education had a brand new building with excellent resources for trainee teachers. The encouragement of my friends and the excellent facilities at UWE helped me make up my mind.”

Sarah says that the government’s initiative in offering training salaries to teachers also played a key role in her decision. The choice of geography as her teaching subject was closely related to Sarah’s first degree, but has also proved quite challenging according to Sarah, “My degree covered the environment but I am having to revise my knowledge of geography – particularly the A level aspects of the course – this is both challenging and enjoyable. The course content is very well developed and the structure is very clear. The workload is evenly spread out and it eases you in gently and prepares you for the real-life teaching workload. The facilities are excellent and the resources are up to date and plentiful.”

The support structure and social aspects of the course were equally well developed, says Sarah, “The course tutors were extremely helpful and approachable at any time. They were also very encouraging and there was plenty of opportunity to ‘bond’ with other course members.”

Sarah says she is now looking forward to finishing the course and starting her new career, “This course has developed my knowledge of how young people learn and how to apply learning theories into the classroom environment. It enables me to enter the teaching profession immediately as a ‘Newly Qualified Teacher’ and then it will be 1 year until I am fully qualified.”

For more information please call 0117 344 3333 or e-mail admissions@uwe.ac.uk

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