UWE Bristol wins two Intellectual Property Awards

Issue date: 12 March 2012

UWE Bristol has received two prestigious awards from the Intellectual Property Office for the Bloodhound@University project and a joint win for the Knowing and Growing project which is a collaboration with the University of York, the University of Sheffield and Southampton Solent University. UWE Bristol is the only university in the UK to pick up two Intellectual Property Awards.

Minister for Intellectual Property, Baroness Wilcox, awarded 13 projects from some of the UK's most innovative universities £750,000 in funding to support projects open to knowledge sharing with industry including the 'Bloodhound' 1000 mph world land speed record project. The awards will support the development of innovative ideas from the drawing board into the market place that will help boost UK economic growth.

Winning projects come from areas such as healthcare and computer games design to IP valuation and social enterprise. UWE Bristol's 'Bloodhound@University' project received £80,000 in IPO funding.

Bloodhound@University is part of the prestigious Bloodhound SSC world land speed record project which will create novel technologies and processes to achieve its goal of 1,000mph.

UWE Bristol has designed the 'Bloodhound Open Access User Community Model' (BOAUCM), where intellectual property generated from the innovative design/engineering will, via Higher Education Institutions and open-source methods, be made available to UK manufacturing, mainly to small and medium enterprises. This will help to improve the manufacturing competitiveness of UK industry.

Announcing the successful projects, the Minister for Intellectual Property Baroness Wilcox said, "I am delighted to reward these projects for their role in helping hubs of innovation in UK universities to harness the intellectual property derived from their leading research and to collaborate with our most innovative and responsive industries. Bridging the gap between innovation and industry is key, and is vital for the UK's continued growth, and these projects do just that. I look forward to seeing the real difference this year's winners will bring to university and industry relationships."

Deputy Vice-Chancellor of UWE Bristol, John Rushforth, said, “UWE Bristol is one of the best universities in the country at working in partnership with industry and business. This is another example that shows we can have a lasting and positive impact on all of our communities, in this case by inspiring a new generation in schools to become engineers and scientists.”

Editors notes:

Following on from the highly successful 2011 competition, the 2012 Fast Forward Competition provides individual projects with funding ranging from £10,000 to £90,000. The money is awarded to encourage innovative approaches to knowledge transfer from university research to real world products and services. The competition was open to UK universities and Public Sector Research Establishments and saw over 50 entries with 13 projects standing out as worthy of financial support.

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