Issue date: 22 January 2002

UWE academic Dr Chad Staddon, is the winner of the prestigious Neville Shulman Challenge Award 2002 from the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers (the IBG)). The Award has been made in the light of 2002 being designated as the International Year of the Mountains by the UN.

Dr Staddon has been awarded £5,000 to help with his fieldwork on natural resource management in mountain communities in post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina. ‘Natural resources’ include water, soil, flora and fauna and the fieldwork will cover all land-based activities including farming and agriculture.

Dr Staddon says, “Although memories of the recent terrible wars are still fresh, it is a matter of urgency that new ways are found for Bosnia Herzegovina's ethnic communities to collectively and sustainably manage their natural resource base. Through a focus on a small number of case studies I hope to be able to help identify promising avenues for collective natural resource management that may be applicable throughout the country and beyond."

Working with social scientists at the University of Sarajevo and the Regional Environmental Centre for Central and Eastern Europe, the focus of the work will be on natural resources and environmental issues raised by the reconstruction process after a decade of war. It is hoped this project will facilitate local communities to act together and help achieve a sustainable future.

For information on the Neville Shulman Challenge Award or any of the other RGS-IBG grants and awards please contact the Grants Co-ordinator: email grants@rgs.org or telephone 020 7591 3073. Alternatively, all grants information can be found on the Society's website, www.rgs.org/grants.


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