1,000 mph car inspires KTP programme with help of UWE

Issue date: 12 October 2010

BLOODHOUND SSC An exciting Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) initiative is launched today in collaboration with the BLOODHOUND Project . The innovative collaboration will create approximately 20 partnerships to support the companies sponsoring the BLOODHOUND
bid to develop a 1,000mph car.

The University of the West of England (UWE) will co-ordinate the KTP collaboration offering BLOODHOUND sponsors a chance to address strategic projects which are important to their business, and gain skills and knowledge by working with universities
and graduates.

The Knowledge Transfer Partnerships programme is led by the Technology Strategy Board, together with 19 other public sector funding organisations, and provides grant funding toward the cost of the recruitment of high-calibre graduates to undertake specific needs-based projects within individual businesses, helping to transfer the required skills
and expertise from an academic institution, which acts as the 'knowledge base', in support of each project's implementation.

The projects undertaken by BLOODHOUND KTPs may contribute directly to the development of the BLOODHOUND Super Sonic Car, and concentrate on specific
technologies the company wishes to develop, or focus on improving other aspects of a sponsor's business.

Graduates will be employed as KTP Associates, based full-time within the companies to deliver the projects. This will provide a unique chance to be part of the prestigious and dynamic BLOODHOUND Project, while offering a quality graduate job with training and
development opportunities.

The BLOODHOUND Project, based in Bristol, is using the technical challenges of designing, building and running a car that will raise the world land speed record to over 1,000mph or Mach 1.4 to inspire the next generation of engineers, scientists and
mathematicians. The BLOODHOUND team are making all data generated available for use in education, aiming to encourage uptake of STEM (Science, Technology,
Engineering and Mathematics) subjects.

Businesses interested in taking part in the BLOODHOUND KTP programme can contact bloodhoundktp@uwe.ac.uk

Graduates interested in registering for KTP opportunities can do so at:


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