Can we revive our dying neighbourhoods?

Issue date: 18 January 2010

Shaping Neighbourhoods Shaping Neighbourhoods for local health and global sustainability
Hugh Barton, Marcus Grant and Richard Guise

Book launch at Healthy Cities Conference – Friday 22 January – University of the West of England

The second edition of a book entitled 'Shaping Neighbourhoods' will be launched by planning experts from the University of the West of England at the Healthy Cities Conference on Friday 22 January 2010.

'Shaping Neighbourhoods for local health and global sustainability' by Hugh Barton, Marcus Grant and Richard Guise, responds to a changing agenda in government policy and planning practice, putting issues of climate change and obesity at the centre of its concern. The first edition has proved its worth over the past five years for students and practitioners alike. The new edition deepens and extends the old with new research, more on local urban form, new tools and inspiring case studies – as well as orientating strongly towards health and climate change issues.

Already the book has been winning glowing praise. David Lock, a leading planning consultant says 'the fresh emphasis on health and well-being gets right to the heart of the matter: healthy places are successful, creative and sustainable. This handbook is attractive, accessible and indispensible'.
Herbert Girardet calls it 'a remarkable achievement' and Mike Kelly of National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) says 'It's a great piece of work'.

Hugh Barton explains, “Our new edition takes into account significant concerns that have become central to planning decisions in recent years. We need to develop buildings and infrastructures that are both sustainable and promote healthy lifestyles.

“The book is aimed at students, planners, designers, health practitioners and community groups so it has a wide appeal. The planning process needs to encompass a broad range of outlooks particularly in the light of dwindling natural resources and the alarming reality of climate change caused by over reliance on fossil fuels. Sedentary lifestyles are brought about largely by transport and land use patterns dedicated to the car and we need to motivate a joined up planning approach that encourages regular exercise and stronger communities.”

'Shaping Neighbourhoods' provides an understanding of the underlying principles for planning healthy and sustainable neighbourhoods and towns. Readers can learn how to plan the collaborative and inclusive processes needed for multi-sectoral cooperation and develop know-how and skills in matching local need with urban form. The book also looks at new ways to integrate development with natural systems and designing places with character and good urban form. Last but by no means least 'Shaping Neighbourhoods' guides communities and advises developers in the creation of successful and sustainable places for living.

Containing many new case studies and a wealth of new research, this indispensable guide bridges the gulf between theory and practice, between planning authorities, investors and communities, and between different professional perspectives.


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