Youth, Alcohol and Crime International Conference in Bristol

Issue date: 30 April 2009

University of the West of England Youth, Alcohol and Crime (Problems and Effective Responses)
An international conference organised by the University of the West of England
Friday 13 November 2009 at the Watershed, Bristol

The growing problem of binge drinking by young people is well documented and researched by the Alcohol and Health Research Unit directed by Professors Martin and Moira Plant at the University of the West of England. The adverse effects heavy drinking by young men and women include aggressive, violent and criminal behaviour.

An international conference to be held at the Watershed in Bristol this coming November will bring together experts from international research centres specialising in alcohol issues and legal experts with a special interest in crimes associated with heavy drinking.

Professor Martin Plant says: “It is clear that we have an endemic problem with binge drinking in the United Kingdom. A major pan European study of teenage drinking that we have participated in (ESPAD) has shown that in the UK we have an unusually serious problem in this respect. (See full report)”

“This conference will focus on some of the most serious problems associated with youth drinking. These include heavy and problematic drinking amongst young men and women in different countries, as well as practical ways of curbing such problems. Our speakers include distinguished experts from the UK and other countries. It is expected that they will provide many new insights into this problem and better ways of coping with it.

Professor Roy Light from UWE's Bristol Law School is one of the speakers and an expert on alcohol, crime and disorder, including drink-driving, the late night economy; binge drinking, young people and alcohol and regulation control. Professor Light said, “The Licensing Act 2003, a main plank in the government's strategy for reducing alcohol-related crime and disorder, has had to be supplemented by a huge range of additional provisions. Together, they form a labyrinth of ever more complex measures whose efficiency in crime control terms remains doubtful.”

Conference speakers include Professor Thoruddur Bjarnason (Iceland), Dr Douglas Cameron, Mr John Carnochan QPM, Dr Gavin Dingwall, Professor Henk Garretsen (the Netherlands), Professor Richard Hammersley, Professor Roy Light from UWE, Professor Rod Morgan, Professor Robert Parker (USA), Professor Martin Plant, Professor Moira Plant, Dr Bruce Ritson and Dr Samantha Wells (Canada).

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