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  • Introduction to Doctoral Supervision: Pedagogy and Practice

    Date: 28 February 2018
    Venue: UWE Bristol, Frenchay Campus, B Block, Level 2, Room 2B065

    This one day course is designed for new doctoral supervisors. The course covers the key aspects of the doctoral journey from admission to completion. It provides participants with an opportunity to discuss the practice of supervision with a range of other academics. Those who have not yet supervised a PGR through to completion in the UK must complete this course before PGRs they will be supervising submit their RD1 forms.

  • PAL (Peer Assisted Learning): emotional resilience

    Date: 28 February 2018
    Venue: Room 1B4, City Campus - Bower Ashton Studios

    Our emotional resilience workshops are led by students to help you develop the confidence you need to succeed at university and in life. You'll learn seven key skills of emotional resilience and be ready to tackle any challenges that come your way.

  • How to stand up and be heard: follow-up presentation

    Date: 28 February 2018
    Venue: Room 2D09 (Library), Glenside Campus

    In this workshop you will learn the uses of a non-threatening approach to practice confident public speaking. Following on from the 'Stand up and be heard workshop', it is an opportunity to put your learning into practice by delivering a 10-minute presentation on any subject.

  • Bristol Distinguished Address: Andrew Langdon QC, Barrister, Guildhall Chambers

    Date: 28 February 2018
    Venue: Bristol Business School building, Frenchay Campus

    Andrew Langdon QC, Barrister of Guidhall Chambers, will deliver a lecture as part of the Bristol Distinguished Address Series entitled 'The Bar: independent advocacy operating in the Public Interest.'

  • International Cafe

    Date: 01 March 2018
    Venue: The Community Hub, Frenchay Campus

    This is a chance for you to meet new friends from across the globe and learn about opportunities to explore UWE, Bristol and the UK.

  • How to plan and structure your writing

    Date: 01 March 2018
    Venue: Room OEB002, City Campus at Bower Ashton Studios

    In this workshop you will learn how to understand your assignment title and how to plan and structure an academic assignment.

  • How to put your reading into your writing

    Date: 01 March 2018
    Venue: Room AW110, Gloucester Campus

    Workshop: Learn how to incorporate themes and ideas from multiple sources into your own work.

  • How to make notes from your reading and lectures

    Date: 01 March 2018
    Venue: Room 2D09 (Library), Glenside Campus

    In this workshop you will learn strategies for selecting what to read and how to take useful notes when reading and listening.

  • The science of poetry

    Date: 01 March 2018
    Venue: Room 2L04, Frenchay Campus

    Dr Sam Illingworth presents The Science of Poetry for Science Communication Seminar Series 2017-2018.

  • (Post) Brexit futures and the intensities of everyday populism

    Date: 01 March 2018
    Venue: Room 4Q05, Q block, Frenchay Campus

    Part of the Department of Geography's Cities, Society and Mobility Seminar Series running through February and March 2018.

  • Library workshop: How to write reflectively (for business and law students)

    Date: 01 March 2018
    Venue: Room 4X224 (Bristol Business School), Frenchay campus

    Tips on writing reflectively for business and law students.

  • Bite-sized: five common referencing errors

    Date: 01 March 2018
    Venue: Learning Zone (near student’s bar), Bower Ashton campus

    Bite-sized sessions are ten minutes long and offer you information on skills and tips that will help you succeed at University and in employment.

  • Muslim Friday Prayers

    Date: 02 March 2018
    Venue: The Lounge and Quiet Room, Community Hub, Frenchay Campus

    Friday Prayers organised by UWE Bristol's Islamic Society. This event is free.

  • How to reference and avoid plagiarism

    Date: 02 March 2018
    Venue: Room AW111, Gloucester Campus

    Learn what constitutes plagiarism and how to avoid it when writing – through good summarising, paraphrasing and referencing.

  • How to search effectively: database searching and RefWorks

    Date: 02 March 2018
    Venue: Room 2D09 (Library), Glenside Campus

    Workshop: Learn to search the subject databases and use RefWorks to manage your references.

    The focus of this session will be on health and social care related databases. There will be an opportunity for hands-on practice.

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