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  • Dr Bike - free bike check-ups

    Date: 28 February 2017
    Venue: By P and Q Blocks cycle station, Frenchay Campus

    Dr Bike provides a free check-up service for your bike, up to a maximum 30-minute session. It's a drop-in service, so no booking is required.

  • Bitesize: Making notes from reading

    Date: 28 February 2017
    Venue: Library foyer, Frenchay Campus

    This 10-minute lunchtime session will provide some useful tips on making effective notes from your reading, making it easier to include what you've read in your academic writing.

  • Quaker Meeting

    Date: 28 February 2017
    Venue: The Quiet Room, UWE Community Hub, Frenchay Campus

    The Quaker meeting is an opportunity for shared silence in the Quaker tradition and is open to those of all faiths and none.

    The event is free.

  • Pancake Day

    Date: 28 February 2017
    Venue: Onezone, Frenchay Campus

    Get the flour, eggs and sugar stocked up – Pancake day is just around the corner. On sale in Onezone, Frenchay Campus we have sweet and savoury pancakes.

  • Yoga

    Date: 28 February 2017
    Venue: The Quiet Room, The Communuty Hub, Frenchay Campus

    A typical yoga class includes breathing exercises, warm ups, a mixture of static and dynamic postures with breath awareness, deep relaxation and sometimes a short meditation or self-massage.

  • Faculty of Environment and Technology - Architecture and Built Environment

    Date: 01 March 2017
    Venue: Room 1R026, Frenchay Campus

    This briefing is for Building Surveying, Quantity Surveying, and Property Development and Planning, Mplan students who have secured or still looking to go on a placement next year.

  • Financial Capability Module: Workshop One

    Date: 01 March 2017
    Venue: Room 4E05, Frenchay Campus

    Attitude to money, knowing your financial products and completing the income side of your budget.

  • St David's Day

    Date: 01 March 2017
    Venue: Onezone, Frenchay Campus and Traders at Bower Ashton Campus and Glenside Campus

    St. David's Day is the feast day of Saint David, the patron saint of Wales. To celebrate, on Wednesday 1 March, Onezone, Frenchay Campus is preparing a traditional Welsh meal.

  • Prosecuting child soldiers for war crimes

    Date: 01 March 2017

    Dr Quenivet (UWE Bristol) will present a paper on the prosecution of child soldiers for war crimes. This will be followed by comments from Dr Bisset of the University of Reading.

  • How to make notes from your reading and lectures

    Date: 01 March 2017
    Venue: Room 2D09, Glenside Campus

    Workshop: Learn strategies for selecting what to read and how to take useful notes when reading and listening.

  • How to reference and avoid plagiarism

    Date: 01 March 2017
    Venue: Room 4AF012, City Campus - Arnolfini

    Workshop: Learn what constitutes plagiarism and how to avoid it when writing - through good summarising, paraphrasing and referencing.

  • Ash Wednesday Ecumenical Service with Ashes

    Date: 01 March 2017
    Venue: Community Hub, Quiet Room, Frenchay Campus

    A short ecumenical Christian service for Ash Wednesday including the imposition of ashes for those who wish to receive them.

  • How to join Foreign Office Diplomatic Fast Stream!

    Date: 01 March 2017
    Venue: Room 4B031, Frenchay Campus

    What is it like to work at the cutting edge of policy making? What is it like to live overseas and promote British interests in challenging environments? If you've ever asked yourselves these questions then come to the Civil Service Fast Stream event!

  • Emotional Resilience Workshop

    Date: 01 March 2017
    Venue: Room 4E06, Frenchay Campus

    These are sessions to help students with the stresses of general life at university. This includes such topics as; mindfulness meditations, key skills for being resilient, the biology of panic attacks and so on.

  • Does AI pose a threat to society?

    Date: 01 March 2017
    Venue: Frenchay Campus, UWE Bristol

    This event is part of the British Academy's season on Robotics, AI and Society

    The idea of a robotic takeover - a staple of Hollywood sci-fi - taps into the fear that machines will eventually surpass humans in general intelligence. Yet does artificial intelligence really pose a risk to society, especially when current technology is nowhere near those science fiction scenarios and when AI actually offers many opportunities, in areas ranging from transportation to medicine?

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