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  • Collaboration opportunities with the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute

    Date: 24 November 2014
    Venue: Room 2S708, Frenchay Campus

    This seminar will focus on explaining the benefits to UWE staff of working with the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute based within the University of Bristol.

  • Managing Long Documents in Microsoft Word 2010

    Date: 25 November 2014
    Venue: IT training room one, Botetourt House, Bristol Business Park

    A workshop concentrating on using advanced facilities in Microsoft Word such as master documents, outlining, referencing and indexing to keep your thesis well organised and easy to manage.

  • Scrapeing the world for money: Slavery and selfhood in the writings of Nicholas Owen and Thomas Thistlewood

    Date: 26 November 2014
    Venue: Room 3S803, Frenchay Campus

    This research paper emerges out of reading the primary manuscripts of the slave-traders Owen and Thistlewood, investigating the ways in which slavery and mastery are foundations for their selfhood within their unique writings.

  • Solidarity and rule of law in EU's Energy Relations with Russia

    Date: 26 November 2014
    Venue: Room 2B067, Frenchay Campus

    Following the end of the Cold War the concept of security has evolved to include areas such as energy. The theme of energy security has been a persistent topic in the EU, with Russia as the largest energy supplier, and a record of incidents where Russian energy supplies have been affected by political reasons. Presented by Dr Umut Turksen, Associate Professor, Bristol Law School.

  • Finding funding for your research: An introduction to Research Professional

    Date: 26 November 2014
    Venue: Room 5E06, Frenchay campus

    Research Professional is an intuitive platform for online access to a comprehensive range of research funding opportunities. It also provides sophisticated tools to help researchers and managers work together more effectively to identify the right opportunity at the right time.

  • UWE Research Impact Symposium

    Date: 28 November 2014
    Venue: Severn Room, Exhibition and Conference Centre, Frenchay Campus

    This symposium is an internal event that will explore ways of maximising the impact of your research. The event is broken into two parts, and guests may attend for the morning session with lunch, or for the full day.

  • Researchers' Forum: Work-life balance

    Date: 01 December 2014
    Venue: Room 2S704, Frenchay campus

    Work-life balance (and the resilience to make it all work) is the focus of this one-day workshop that will consider how work and life are balanced over the academic year and to achieve a long-term career in academia.

  • CoSA Research and Evaluation Seminar

    Date: 02 December 2014
    Venue: Exhibition and Conference Centre (Frome Room), Frenchay Campus

    UWE and Circles UK will be hosting this research and evaluation seminar which aims to examine the evidence base for Circles of Support and Accountability in the UK. It will bring together key researchers in the field to discuss the existing evidence base, the best methodologies to use and where research relating CoSA could, and possibly should, move in the future.

  • QR Award Winners - HAS Lunchtime Seminars

    Date: 02 December 2014
    Venue: Room 2S703, Frenchay campus

    The Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences invites you to this series of lunchtime seminars, to hear from the 2013 QR Award winners on the aims, outputs and future potential of their funded projects.

    Delegates will be able to question presenters which will be a valuable opportunity for those considering the 2015 QR competition, and will also have the chance to network with Faculty and RBI colleagues.

  • Current Issues in Human Trafficking

    Date: 02 December 2014
    Venue: Room 3B064, Frenchay Campus

    Human trafficking is a large scale and lucrative phenomenon which requires domestic and international action in order to be effectively tackled. The UK is a source, transit and destination country for victims of trafficking, and combatting this phenomenon raises a multitude of issues including investigation and prosecution of trafficking activity, and the identification, protection and support of victims. Our speakers at this event, Bernie Gravett and Andrew Desmond, have direct experience in the fight against trafficking and are coming to UWE to offer unique perspectives on their experiences.

  • Herding Cats? Management and performance in UK universities – Professor Sarah Smith

    Date: 02 December 2014
    Venue: Room 2D74, Executive Development Centre (EDC), Frenchay Campus

    Bristol Leadership Centre and and Bristol Economics Analysis present:"Herding Cats? Management and performance in UK universities." John McCormack, Carol Propper and Sarah Smith, University of Bristol

  • Using Microsoft Excel 2010 to Process Data

    Date: 02 December 2014
    Venue: IT training room two, Botetourt House, Bristol Business Park

    Microsoft Excel provides a number of powerful tools for data processing and working with lists. If you are looking for a simpler alternative to a major database or statistics application, then Excel is likely to provide everything you need.

  • Book Launch 'Responding to Sexual Offending: Perceptions, Risk Management and Public Protection

    Date: 03 December 2014
    Venue: Holiday Inn, Filton, Bristol, BS16 1QX

    A selection of this books' author's will be attending and speaking at the launch of 'Responding to Sexual Offending: Perceptions, Risk Management and Public Protection'.

  • Bristol Centre for Linguistics Seminar Series 2014/15: Markus Schiegg

    Date: 03 December 2014
    Venue: Room 2S603, Frenchay Campus

    'Variation in lower-class writing: 19th century patient letters from Southern Germany'

    by Markus Schiegg (Bristol)

  • The importance of effective evidence based policy and practice in sex offender work conference

    Date: 04 December 2014
    Venue: Frome Room, Exhibition and Conference Centre

    The conference will include two keynote speakers and four workshops, covering topics on the importance of effective evidence based policy and practice in sex offender work. UWE will host this conference, as part of the Leverhulme Trust project.

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