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  • The Art and Science of Communication

    Date: 23 January - 24 January 2017
    Venue: Room 4D24 (Level 4 of Library), Frenchay Campus

    It's easy to quantify someone with a great proficiency in athletics, performance or industry. What we grade is the difference in levels of skill, application and result. Applying the same logic to how we communicate might not seem useful given that it is something that we have all done since the day we were born. But this course argues that communication is a reflex rather than a learned skill; a response to the environment in which you find yourself, and one that is impossible to stop. If our argument is valid, it would be better to harness and exploit that reflex consciously.

  • Open access: it's legal, and it's good to be involved!

    Date: 25 January 2017
    Venue: Room 4E18 (Level 4), Frenchay Campus

    The second session in this three-part series looks at the practicalities around publishing and data management in an open research environment. You will discuss the advantages of open access (OA) publishing and understand some of the barriers to OA.

  • Managing Long Documents in Microsoft Word 2010

    Date: 31 January 2017
    Venue: IT Training Room, Learning and Development Centre, Exhibition and Conference Centre (ECC)

    A workshop concentrating on using advanced facilities in Microsoft Word such as master documents, outlining, referencing and indexing to keep your thesis well organised and easy to manage. Suitable for all research students who have an intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Word.

  • The path to data sharing: how open can I go?

    Date: 01 February 2017
    Venue: Room 4E18 (Level 4), Frenchay Campus

    The third and final session in the series will focus on the involvement of others in the design and execution of research projects. You will hear from those with experience in patient involvement, and non-specialists in research who bring a unique and often beneficial contribution to the outcomes of the project.

  • NVivo 10: Software for Qualitative Data Analysis

    Date: 07 February - 08 February 2017
    Venue: IT Training rooms, Learning and Development Centre, Exhibition and Conference Centre (ECC)

    NVivo is designed to facilitate the management of qualitative research and analysis. A powerful and logical software, similar in architecture to Microsoft packages, NVivo supports a range of qualitative methodologies, particularly those that rely principally on coding as the means of conceptualisation. It is also suitable for mixed methods projects.

    This two day workshop will introduce you to the principles, functionality and application of NVivo in the context of real research projects, illustrating how it can be used throughout the research process; from research design and literature review, through data analysis and write-up.

  • The Centre for Applied Legal Research 2017 Annual Lecture: Tunde Okewale MBE 'Nobody Rises to Low Expectations'

    Date: 09 February 2017
    Venue: ECC Lecture Theatre, Frenchay Campus, UWE

    A dialogue, which explores the soft bigotry of low expectations in the following ways: it's definition and applicability in modern society, the impact it has in relation to gender and ethnicity and how it has played a role in disaffected communities.

  • Researchers' Forum

    Date: 20 February 2017
    Venue: Dartington Suite, Wallscourt Farmhouse (Frenchay Campus)

    This event provides an opportunity to raise and discuss research issues directly with members of UWE's Research Strategy Implementation Group (RSIG) and focuses in turn upon the important matter of what form the Researchers' Forum might take in future.

  • Preparing to Teach

    Date: 20 February 2017
    Venue: Room 2D74, Frenchay Campus

    This session will explore the principles of teaching and learning and will focus on the needs of those who are new to teaching.

  • The Digital Researcher

    Date: 21 February 2017
    Venue: Room 4D24 (Level 4 of Library), Frenchay Campus

    Social media is booming. You can now find user-generated content in just about every sphere of life: politics, music, history, you name it and it can be found. What about academic research? Are the critics right to sneer at social media as a trivial, time wasting activity, or could there be a real benefit to the researchers who do engage with social media tools? This hands-on interactive workshop is a chance to explore the use of social media tools as a way of improving your practice in an academic research context.

  • Brexit: Article 50 TEU and the British Constitution

    Date: 22 February 2017
    Venue: Room 4B021, Frenchay Campus

    The Centre for Applied Legal Research is organising a debate on Brexit, focusing on Article 50 TEU and the British Constitution.

  • Doctoral Supervision: Pedagogy and Practice

    Date: 28 February - 01 March 2017
    Venue: Room 2D74, Executive Development Centre, Frenchay Campus

    This two-day course is designed for new doctoral supervisors. The course covers the main milestones of the doctoral journey from admission to completion.

  • Writing up your Thesis

    Date: 02 March 2017
    Venue: Room 4D24 (Level 4 of Library), Frenchay Campus

    This popular workshop addresses the challenges of organising your material, overcoming writer's block and useful techniques for getting the writing done. Particularly suitable for those in the middle or later stages of their research degree programme.

  • The Final Viva Examination

    Date: 02 March 2017
    Venue: Room 4D24 (Level 4 of Library), Frenchay Campus

    Essential advice on preparing for your final viva voce examination and the post-viva process, with plenty of opportunity to ask all those questions you've been wondering about. Particularly suitable for those who are in the later stages of their research degree.

  • Insider's Guide to Academic Writing

    Date: 07 March 2017
    Venue: 4D24 (Level 4), Bolland Library, Frenchay Campus

    What's the secret to academic writing? Why do some scholars seem to be really productive and how can you be a better writer. These are the questions that this topic attempts to answer by sharing some hints and tips about the writing process.

  • Guide to searching and organising the literatures

    Date: 09 March 2017
    Venue: Room 4D24 (Level 4 of Library), Frenchay Campus

    Working with literatures is an integral part of research. It requires you to be organised in your strategies for seeking out the work of others but also to keep comprehensive records. This workshop will provide you with some tools and techniques to navigate this element of your projects. It will also include an introduction to Refworks – a reference management tool widely used at UWE Bristol.

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