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  • Supervision of Doctoral Students: Pedagogy and Practice

    Date: 13 April - 20 April 2015
    Venue: Rooms 4E18 and 2S703, Frenchay

    This two day course is designed for new/inexperienced doctoral supervisors. We will cover the main milestones of the doctoral journey from admission to completion and you will have the opportunity to discuss the role of the supervisory team.

  • Graduate School Welcome Event

    Date: 14 April 2015
    Venue: Room 4D24, Bolland Library, Frenchay Campus

    This popular, informal event enables recently registered postgraduate researchers to get an overview of the institutional support available throughout their research degree programmes. Most importantly of all, this is a great opportunity to meet your peer group from across the whole University.

  • Project Management in a Nutshell

    Date: 15 April 2015
    Venue: Room 4D24, Bolland Library, Frenchay Campus

    Projects are about delivering specific pieces of work. These can range from short reports on a specific topic to multimillion pound construction projects. However the techniques that are used to manage projects are applicable in any field. This session will introduce you to project management tools and techniques as important transferable skills which can be applied in academic research and beyond.

  • Hands On Training in PASS

    Date: 15 April 2015
    Venue: Room 5E08, Frenchay campus

    PASS is UWE's electronic Project Approval Support System. Any member of staff bidding to undertake funded research, consultancy or CPD/training for one or more clients requires internal approval before submitting their proposal to the funder/client. This session will tell you everything you need to know about PASS and how to use it.

  • Research with Impact 2: Maximising your research through Tech Transfer and Intellectual Property

    Date: 15 April 2015
    Venue: Room 3E24, Frenchay Campus

    Join us for the 'Research with Impact 2: Focus on business engagement, wealth creation and skills growth' seminar on Wednesday 15 April.

  • Future Directions

    Date: 17 April 2015
    Venue: Room 4D24, Bolland Library, Frenchay Campus

    Researchers acquire a broad set of skills and competencies in consequence of the projects or work they undertake. However understanding these competencies, and being able to describe them, is often more difficult, especially when seeking employment. Whatever your career aspirations, this workshop will help you understand the value of your skills and experience as a researcher and provide opportunities for you to consider the future directions you might take.

  • Data Management Best Practice

    Date: 21 April 2015
    Venue: Room 4D24, Bolland Library, Frenchay Campus

    Good data management is a fundamental part of good research practice, and is essential to attain high quality data and efficient, cost effective research. This workshop will help you to assess your own data management activities, and give some starting points for caring for your data.

  • Making an Impact in the REF

    Date: 22 April 2015
    Venue: Room 2S609, Frenchay campus

    These days it's all about impact. But in the context of the Research Excellence Framework, what exactly is 'impact'? This session will explore the REF definition of impact and how to describe and evidence your impact.

  • Panel Discussion on Human Rights, Statelessness, Citizenship and Nationality

    Date: 22 April 2015
    Venue: 2B065, Frenchay Campus

    Join us for a 'Panel Discussion on Human Rights, Statelessness, Citizenship and Nationality' on Wednesday 22 April with speakers Dr Rick Ball (Law, FBL, UWE), Phil Cole (HSS, HAS, UWE), Christian Dadomo (Law, FBL, UWE) and Dr Simon Thompson (HSS, HAS, UWE).

  • The Beginners' Guide to the Research Degree

    Date: 23 April 2015
    Venue: Room 4D24, Bolland Library, Frenchay Campus

    This workshop presents an overview of the research degree programme at UWE, including helpful advice on planning your research project, applying for ethical approval and arrangements for protecting the intellectual property generated.

  • Research with Impact: Seminar 3

    Date: 29 April 2015
    Venue: Room 2S611, Frenchay campus

    Research with Impact: Seminar 3 - Focus on cultural enrichment and increasing public engagement with research and related societal issues.

    Current policy and funding frameworks as well as public attitudes are creating an environment in which researchers are expected to demonstrate wider societal impact of their research and to actively engage 'the public' with their research. But who are 'the public'? Who should we be engaging with, why and in what ways? What do we mean by public engagement and how is it relevant to our research? And if we do it, how do we know if we've done it well? How do we evaluate public engagement and its impact?

  • CHCR Lunchtime Seminar - Controlling pain in the Emergency Department: a tale of two trials

    Date: 29 April 2015
    Venue: Room 1B27, Glenside

    Come along to the CHCR Lunchtime Seminar entitled 'Controlling pain in the Emergency Department: a tale of two trials' presented by Professor Jonathan Benger, Professor of Emergency Care, UWE.

  • A-Z of Working with Business: You can, you should, here's how!

    Date: 29 April 2015
    Venue: Room TBA, Frenchay campus

    This session aims to provide an overview of different ways UWE researchers can work with external partners on Research & Knowledge Exchange bids, e.g. knowledge transfer partnerships, innovation vouchers, consultancy etc.

  • The Effective Researcher Programme: The Middle Years

    Date: 30 April 2015
    Venue: Room 4D24, Bolland Library, Frenchay Campus

    In the doctoral doldrums? Struggling to remember why you ever started your research degree? Designed especially for those who are midway through their research degree programme, this workshop focuses on how you can maintain progress and overcome research and writing blocks.

  • NVivo 10: Software for Qualitative Data Analysis

    Date: 05 May - 06 May 2015
    Venue: IT Training Room 2, Botetourt House, located on the Bristol Business Park (opposite the East entrance to Frenchay Campus)

    NVivo is designed to facilitate the management of qualitative research and analysis. A powerful and logical software, similar in architecture to Microsoft packages, NVivo supports a range of qualitative methodologies, particularly those that rely principally on coding as the means of conceptualisation. It is also suitable for mixed methods projects.

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