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Events diary

  • death: the human experience

    Date: 24 October - 13 March 2016
    Venue: Bristol Museum, Queens Road

    death: the human experience is about the most universal of experiences that we will encounter.

    Hundreds of incredibly diverse objects – from a Ghanaian fantasy coffin to a Victorian mourning dress – reveal captivating stories from cultures across the world, from the earliest human societies to the modern day.

    The exhibition encourages you to consider ethical issues, different attitudes to death and how different cultures have dealt with the end of life.

    As a society we are reluctant to talk about death and dying. death: the human experience is about helping to start that conversation.

  • UWE does Movember

    Date: 01 November - 01 December 2015

    Grow a Mo, Save a Bro! Grow your Mo for 30 days. Do it for men's health.

  • UK Disability History Month

    Date: 22 November - 22 December 2015

    Celebrate UK Disability History Month! UWE is celebrating with posters which higlight notable disabled people and their achievements.

  • November Award Ceremonies

    Date: 23 November - 27 November 2015
    Venue: Bristol Cathedral

    November Awards Ceremonies will be held from Monday 23 November to Friday 27 November 2015

    Please see the Awards Ceremonies webpages for full information

  • i-Con Lunch

    Date: 26 November 2015
    Venue: Frenchay Campus, UWE Community Hub, Lounge

    Join us at i-Con, hosted by UWE Community Hub and Bristol International Student Centre every Thursday lunchtime during term time. A chance for you to meet new friends from across the globe and learn about opportunities to explore UWE, Bristol and the UK.

  • Quaker meeting

    Date: 26 November 2015
    Venue: Community Hub, Frenchay Campus

    Join us at the 'Quaker Meeting', an opportunity for shared silence in the Quaker tradition. The event is open to those of all faiths and none.

  • Project Management in a Nutshell

    Date: 26 November 2015
    Venue: Room 4D24 (Level 4 of Library), Frenchay Campus

    Projects are about delivering specific pieces of work. These can range from short reports on a specific topic to multimillion pound construction projects. However -the techniques that are used to manage projects are applicable in any field. This session will introduce you to project management tools and techniques as important transferable skills which can be applied in academic research and beyond. You will be guided through the fundamental principles of project management, demystifying the jargon along the way.

    Aimed at: research staff and postgraduate researchers

  • Presentation Skills

    Date: 26 November 2015
    Venue: 1C02, Glenside Campus

    The aim of these workshops is to offer presentation skills support to you.

  • Time management

    Date: 26 November 2015
    Venue: Frenchay Campus library, room 4D24

    The main aim of the workshop is to learn effective techniques and tools to help manage your time at university.

  • Feminist Visual Representations in the 21st Century

    Date: 26 November 2015
    Venue: Room 2Q48, Frenchay Campus

    Come along to a roundtable discussion with feminist visual artists and performers about how they interpret and enact feminism in their work.

  • ALAN Networking Seminar

    Date: 26 November 2015
    Venue: Engine Shed, Station Approach, Bristol

    Join us at the ALAN Networking Seminar, with keynote speaker Professor Ian Craddock, Director of SPHERE.

  • Roman Catholic Mass

    Date: 26 November 2015
    Venue: The Quiet Room in The Octagon, Frenchay Campus

    Roman Catholic Mass with Fr. Tom Finnegan in the Quiet Room in The Octagon.

  • Schools Volunteering Intro Meeting

    Date: 26 November 2015
    Venue: Community Hub in The Octagon, Frenchay Campus

    Want to volunteer at a local school? Applications are now open for Schools Volunteering in Spring 2016. Come along to the intro meeting at The Octagon on Thursday 26 November at 14:00.

  • Black Friday at The Students' Union

    Date: 27 November 2015
    Venue: The Students Union, Frenchay Campus

    Come along on Friday 27 November for the massively famous price slashing event at all bars, shops and campuses.

  • Changemaker Challenge

    Date: 27 November - 28 November 2015
    Venue: University of Bristol, Merchant Venturers Building

    A weekend challenge to create sustainable enterprise solutions for a better future. You don't have to choose between business and sustainability.

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