PAL (Peer Assisted Learning): Emotional Resilience

This event has now passed.

Date: 27 September 2017
Venue: Room 3D42, Frenchay Campus
Time: 14:00 - 16:00

How to attend

If you are interested in attending this event, please register via InfoHub.

Mental wealth and resilience

The reality is we all face the challenges that life brings and depending how well we are equipped to face those challenges is dependent on our mental wealth. Like all other assets they need investment and management.

We go through life learning new techniques such as walking, talking, and riding a bike. Unfortunately though, as we grow and adapt to new challenges one of the most important techniques is overlooked, and that is how to look after our own overall wellbeing.

One of the best ways of improving our mental wealth is by improving your emotional resilience skills.

Emotional resilience workshops

Often university can be the first time we face challenges without our normal support network. This, overlaid with our commitment to study, can sometimes become difficult for some of us.

Therefore, we recommend attending one of the peer led workshops as they provide advice, tips and techniques for developing your emotional resilience, which you can benefit from both during your time at university and after your graduate.

View this short video outlining what happens at an emotional resilience workshop.

Cost: Free

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