What Now? Thinking through security and human rights in times of polarisation

This event has now passed.

Date: 04 September - 05 September 2017
Venue: Room 2E25 and 2E27, Frenchay Campus
Time: 9:00 - 17:00

Context of conference

Conservative, far-right and extreme political movements have enjoyed a recent wave of success throughout the globe. Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, the strengthening of neo-fascist parties in continental Europe, and the neo-coups in Latin America are but a few examples of this 'return' to right-leaning divisive politics based on racist, misogynistic, nationalist, and, in certain contexts, openly anti-leftist tropes. Although a still incipient phenomenon, this radicalisation of politics and the promotion of polarisation, securitisation, and exclusion have generated a few fundamental hypotheses.

Scholars, activists, and journalists were quick to explain the re-emergence of nationalist politics as the result of the last financial crisis, the broken promises of post-neoliberalism or simply a backlash after decades of progressive gains in terms of gender and racial equality. Irrespective of whether this represents the cry of those 'left behind by globalisation', the 'return' of white patriarchal privileges, or the excesses of nationalism, the moment begets one fundamental question: what does the rise of the far-right mean for the future of security and human rights?

About the conference

This conference brings together scholars working on security and human rights covering a range of perspectives, such as feminism, critical race theory, post-colonialism, post-structuralism and neo/post-Marxism, in order to generate a few tentative answers. We invite contributions that discuss the current political scenario in light of issues such as, but not limited to:

  • climate change
  • rights and social justice
  • new forms of resistance
  • racial and class inequalities
  • post-truth politics
  • migration, immigration and refugees
  • borders and boundaries
  • capitalism and nationalism.

You can read the event programme for more information.

Abstracts of maximum 300 words and a biographical note should be sent to Dr Henrique Furtado via email at Henrique.tavaresfurtado@uwe.ac.uk and Dr Emma Brännlund via email at emma.brannlund@uwe.ac.uk by Monday 24 July 2017 (extended deadline).

Registration fee

The registration fee is £50.00. We will offer a number of registrations and travel bursaries to graduate students and early career academics, please express your interest in the abstract submission.

Please note: This fee will be converted into registration– and travel bursaries for graduate students and early career academics. Please include a note in the abstract submission if you want to apply for these or cannot afford the fee for any reason.

This event is supported by the Global Security and Human Rights research theme of the Department of Health and Social Sciences at UWE Bristol.

Cost: £50.00 registration fee
Contact: Emma Brannlund
E-mail: Emma.brannlund@uwe.ac.uk

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