Food Science

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Date: 03 May - 11 May 2014
Venue: BBC @ Bristol Food Connections, Making Sense of Food, Waterside Square
Time: throughout the day, 3 - 5 May and 10 - 11 May

BBC At Bristol Food Connections will feature lots of hands-on fun activities aimed at family audiences alongside 'affordable, achievable and inspirational' cooking demonstrations.

BBC At Bristol Food Connections will run across both festival weekends and include five main tents: a 500-seat 'BBC Stars' Kitchen'; 'Making Sense of Flavour'; 'The Science of Food'; 'Eat like a Superstar' and a radio hub which will broadcast live and pre-recorded audience shows throughout Bristol Food Connections bringing discussion, debate, learning and entertainment all about food to a UK-wide audience.

Events and activities

UWE Bristol researchers and students will be at hand to engage family audiences in interactive activities during the festival weekends.

Smell Lab

We might think we taste our food, but really it's our nose which is doing the work. Smell is a large component of taste, and in this laboratory set-up, we will demonstrate different aspects of the science of aroma and challenge the sense of smell. Flavour chemists will be demonstrating aromatics with exciting smells in jars. The audience will be challenged to guess and vote on the smells or see what happens to the taste if they block their noses.

'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly' will highlight the dangers of food going off and explain what happens when the food starts to rot. A 'super nose' sensor machine will detect tiny molecules emitted from rotting organic material. The sensor has been developed by UWE Bristol scientists to help prevent food waste. Join Peter Spencer-Phillips and science communication students in the 'Making Sense of Flavour' tent to find out more.

Food Detectives

Our supermarkets are a treasure trove of food, yet it's hard to know how they were grown or where they came from. This activity will explore different types of food and highlight how this produce is grown.

Bristol's Brilliant Soil

We are blessed in this country with an amazing land which grows a wonderful array of food. We may not always like our wet, warm climate, but it gives rise to the green and pleasant land we know and love. However, small variations in soil, climate and altitude mean that our land is divided into food sections just like a supermarket aisle. Some of the precious 3% of the country's miracle soil is found right here in Bristol and is known as the 'Blue Finger'. Join Richard Spalding and science communication students to find out more about the Blue Finger land and the story of Bristol's Brilliant Soil.

Cost: Free entry
Contact: Dee Smart
Telephone: +44 (0)117 32 86671

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