Health and Life Sciences Public Lecture Series - Professor Dawn Arnold

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Date: 03 July 2013
Venue: Street Cafe, S Block, Frenchay Campus
Time: 18:00 Registration and Refreshments/18:30 Lecture/19:30 Networking and Supper

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Professor Dawn Arnold will deliver a lecture entitled; 'Plant-pathogen interactions; an arms race' as part of the Health and Life Sciences Public Lecture Series.

About the lecture

Food security is a major global research priority and we know that we must double our food production within the next 20 years just to keep pace with population increases.

One of the major areas for improvement is preventing crop loss due to plant disease. Most of the microorganisms that cause plant disease are engaged in a constant arms race with plants such that microorganisms are rapidly evolving to infect disease resistant plants while plants are evolving to resist pathogen attack.

We have developed a model system for understanding microbial evolution to overcome plant disease resistance. This system uses a bacterium called Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola, which causes an important disease of bean plants known as halo blight, and represents an excellent system for studying both microbial evolution and the factors that increase or decrease the durability of plant disease resistance.

Cost: Free
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Telephone: +44 (0)117 32 83934

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